Advanced Purchasing and Cost Saving Techniques

Start Date: 7 Apr 2019
End Date: 11 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Finance, Accounting & Investment

Representing more than 60% of the total expenditure, purchasing is one of the major cost items on any organizationís budget. It is also one of the most important activities performed by and takes long time from the organizationís management.

Not only sales activities, but also purchasing activities could contribute positively to the profits of any organization if the later are well-organized and given enough attention. Presently, actual surveys have shown that purchasing consumes too much time that most of it could be used to perform other activities. The main reason for wasting the organizationís high-value time and complicating the purchasing processes/ procedures is the paper work. As a result, purchasing officers erratically treat high-value and less-value purchase items in the same way. This program tackles topics of enhancing purchasing activities/ performance through adopting a new strategic approach.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

Identify the role of purchasing in increasing the organizationís profits

Organize the purchasing department as a profit- generation center controlling purchasing activities

Simplify the purchasing procedures minimizing the paper and document work

Categorize purchasing items and use the ideal cost-effective and efficient purchasing technique for each category

Use the modern techniques to resolve issues of mal-functioning in supply and procurement

Use the modern techniques in selecting and negotiating with suppliers

Replicate experiences of international practices in the field of purchasing

Who should attend:

This program is targeting current and potential purchase managers and department heads working for companies that aim at achieving profits, minimizing costs and better managing their time.

Daily Outlines:

Day One

Role of Purchase activities

1- The importance of purchase activities

2- The importance of purchase activities in maximizing the companyís profits

3- Techniques of cost minimization

4- Organizing purchasing department as a profit center

5- Purchasing activities re-engineering (developing procedures& techniques& paper-work minimization)

Day Two

Purchasing Strategic Planning

1- Conducting the 3-component analysis on purchase items according to importance (categorization)

2- Adopting best strategy for each category

3- How to minimize time, effort and cost on less-value items

4- How to avail the strategic high-value items

Day Three

Techniques to resolve issues of mal-functioning in supply and procurement

1- Reverse- Marketing technique to resolve issues of mal-functioning in supply

2- Marketing of purchase items

3- How to deal with a supplier who has monopoly on specific required purchase items

Day Four

Supplier selecting strategies

1- Identifying suppliers

2- Analyzing supplier competency

3- Qualifying and evaluating suppliers

4- Negotiating with suppliers

5- Supplier development

Day Five

Experiences of international practices in the field of purchasing

1- US experience in purchasing (MRP)

2- Japanese experience in purchasing

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