The Effective Accounts Assistant

Start Date: 21 Apr 2019
End Date: 25 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Finance, Accounting & Investment

Course Description

Understanding and interpreting financial information is essential for all levels of personnel, both within and outside the finance function, if they are to properly contribute to the success of the business. In this PROGRAM you will learn:

         The full scope of financial information and reporting supported by a foundation of the important aspects of theory together with practical methods and techniques

Course Objective


         Understand the basic areas of accounting and finance, the terminology and the structure

         Learn a range of practical analytical skills for interpreting and handling financial information

         Understand the key elements of accounting in the context of a practical working environment

         Be more confident about dealing with financial information, particularly when reviewing other companiesí financial data

         Be able to read and interpret information presented in financial reports

         Enhance their decision-making skills on financial matter


Training Methodology

You will learn by active participation during the seminar, through the use of exercises, case studies, questionnaires, syndicate and group discussion, and discussions on "real life" issues in their organisations.

Seminar Summary

The seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the general nature of the business finance and seeks to de-mystify the accounting process. You are introduced to a complex topic in a clear and understandable manner, and understand the importance of the finance and financial objectives to the success of the organisation.


Who Should attend?


         Anyone who needs to acquire a broader understanding of finance to improve their current role or plan their future career

         Financial staff who need to expand their knowledge beyond their current experience, particularly if they are considering taking up professional qualifications

         Non-financial personnel who use financial information in their job and are called on to make financial decisions

         This programme will be particularly useful for staff working in a smaller company where they are required to take on financial responsibilities alongside an operational role

Course Outline


Day 1

Understanding different types of Financial Information

         Who uses financial information and why?

         The flow of information in a company

         Distinguishing different types of information and what it is derived from

         Basic accounting terminology explained

         Reporting formats


Day 2

The Cash Cycle

         Cash versus profit

         The flow of money in and out of a company

         How this is managed and controlled

         Customers & Suppliers: The collection and payment processes

         Where finance comes from

         Basic cash flow statements


Day 3

Inventory and Fixed Assets

         How we establish the value of a companiesí inventory

         Different methods of valuation

         How fixed assets are recorded

         Asset lives and depreciation

         The physical verification of assets


Day 4

Financial Statements

         Understanding the composition of the Profit and Loss Account

         Computing profitability ratios

         The Balance Sheet explained

         Using financial ratios

         Interpreting results and making comparisons between companies


Day 5

Costing and Budgeting

         How we classify costs and set standards

         Different costing methods used in business

         Basic forecasting techniques

         Preparing a departmental budget

         Comparing actual performance with the budget

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