The Effective Human Resources Administrator

Start Date: 7 Jul 2019
End Date: 11 Jul 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Training & Human Resources


This exciting new programme creates an opportunity for delegates to learn all about HR Administration. Delegates will learn about the processes involved, the systems used and the skills needed to be successful in this role. They will explore numerous personnel activities ranging from a recruitment interview through training administration to performance appraisals, discovering the skills required and the role of the HR Administrator along the way.

Delegates will gain insight into the work of the HR Department. You will learn the about the latest methods that HR professionals utilise today for building a high performance organisation. They will then feel comfortable working in an HR Department having had a big-picture overview of the departmentís main activities and methods of working.


         Anyone who works in Personnel (HR) Administration or wishes to start a new career in HR and wants a complete overview of the departmentís role and activities

         HR and training staff who need to be up to date and wish to attend a valuable programme


         Describe the work and structure of a modern personnel (HR) department

         State why accurate and accessible HR records are essential

         Describe the steps involved in a recruitment campaign

         State the HR requirements for the induction of a new employee

         Describe the uses of different selection and recruitment tools

         Help to plan and administer performance appraisals

         State the benefits of having an HR Strategy and long term HR Plan


Mini-lectures, case studies, small group work, exercises and feedback will be used to facilitate learning.


DAY 1 - An overview of the HR function

         Roles and Responsibilities of the Human Resources Administrator

         Typical HR department structures

         Centralised versus distributed HR

         The HR service centre concept

         Where the department fits in the organisation

         HR jobs and systems

         Qualifications and professional study

DAY 2 - Working with Employees and Job Analysis

         Terms and Conditions of Employment

         Rights and obligations of employers and employees

         Health and safety

         Complying with employment law

         Job Analysis

         Developing Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

         The use and application of Job Analysis information

DAY 3 - Recruitment and Selection

         HR Planning

         Recruitment process

         Recruitment sources and methods

         Selection process

         The Application and CVís

         Assessment and development centres

         Aptitude tests

         Psychometric profiling

         Reference checking and screening

         Contracts and offers

DAY 4 - Training and Development

         Introduction to Training and development

         Training Administration

         Induction and basic job training for new employees

         The science of adult learning

         Learning styles

         The Training co-ordinator

         The Training cycle

         Validation and Evaluation

DAY 5 - Performance Management and the Administration of Pay

         Introduction to Performance Management

         The Performance Appraisal

         Administration requirements

         Links to salary increase and bonus

         The pros and cons of performance appraisals

         Pay and reward, compensation and benefits

         Salary structures

         Payroll administration

         Personal action planning

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