LEED Green Associate GA Exam Preparation - Green Building & Sustainable Design and Construction Techniques

Start Date: 17 Mar 2019
End Date: 21 Mar 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Cairo / Egypt
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was developed by the US Green Building Council. The LEED rating system is the most distinguished and widely accepted green building certification. It has gained international recognition in many regions such as Dubai, Chile, Brazil, Italy, India and China and even is being adopted in some local building codes in the United States.

To fully benefit from these changes, architects, engineers, interior designers, and contractors need to achieve one of the five LEED AP accreditations to demonstrate they are familiar with the LEED certification process. This requires an understanding of the prerequisites and credits required to achieve the various levels of LEED certification.

Using a wide range of examples for materials, designs, and construction technologies from many case studies and site visits, this course prepares you to: 

1- Understand why a green transformation of our built environment should be. 

2- Explain the components of the LEED rating system and what is more important for our region. 

3- Apply core concepts and strategies to achieve success using the LEED rating system in our environment. 

4- Determine where different LEED rating systems can be applied and what is useful for our cultures and societies.

Who should attend:

This course benefits students, trades and all professionals looking to demonstrate knowledge in green building issues such as designers, planners, and constructors.

No previous experience is required. Be eligible and prepared to write the LEED Green Associate Exam upon completion of this course

Daily Outlines:

Day one

1- Introduction

2- What is Green Building? Why is it important?

3- The Goals of Green Building.

4- Characteristics of Green Building.

5- The Need for Green Building.

6- Benefits of Green Building

7- Technical terms used in green building.


- Integrated design.

- Foot print.

- Embodied Energy 

- Measuring Environmental Performance


8- Activity (1)

Day Two

The six strategic Areas of Green Design in LEED

Strategic Area 1: Sustainable sites

Strategic Area 2: Water Conservation.

Day Three

Strategic Area 3: Energy Efficiency.

Strategic Area 4: Material Resources.

Day Four

Strategic Area 5: Indoor Environmental Quality.

Strategic Area 6: Innovation.

Day Five

1- The Economics of Green Buildings and increasing the building value.

2- LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation

3- How to evaluate a building by LEED

4- Activity (2) Evaluate your Home.

5- Activity (3) Evaluate your Organization.

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