Tactics of Mechanical Installation - HVAC, Elevators, Fire Alarm, Pumps, Isolation Materials, etc.

Start Date: 25 Mar 2018
End Date: 29 Mar 2018
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of Mechanical installations techniques. Participants will have in-depth knowledge of HVAC, Elevators, Fire fighting and fire alarm systems, Pumps, Drainage system, Heating system , isolation materials inside the buildings, equipment selection, proper operation, trouble shooting through presentation of actual case studies.

Participants will divide into two or three groups and each group will receive a project and at the end of this course, each group will present their project design.

Who should attend:

The course should benefit engineering personnel responsible for Mechanical systems.

Daily Outlines:

Fire fighting and Fire Alarm systems

1.What is the fire

2. What is the fire fighting system

3.Classification of occupancies

4.Dead end points

5.Travel distances

6.Types of sprinkler systems

7.Types of sprinklers

8.Dry pipe sprinkler system

9.Deluge & Pre-action system 

10.Refrigerated spaces

11. Commercial type cooking equipment

12. Wet-pipe sprinkler system

13.Basic Design of Sprinkler systems

14.How to design a project

15.Sprinkler distribution inside the places

16.Water network distribution & sizing

17.Hydraulic calculation procedures and fire fighting program

18.Training on how to use hydraulic calculation program


20.Testing and Commissioning 

Introduction to HVAC 

• What is Air-Conditioning?

• The Major processes of Air-Conditioning

• The Major applications of Air-Conditioning

• Selection of a system

• The Major HVAC system Types

• Heat transmission in building structures.

• Environmental Health and Indoor Air Quality

• Indoor air quality effects on comfort and health

• Equipment and design strategies for improving and maintaining acceptable indoor air quality

• Cooling Towers

Secondary system components

• Duct and Pipe systems

• Fans and Pumps

Central Systems

• Major HVAC system types

• Application of a basic central system

• Selection of system components

• Heating exchangers and cooling coils

• Variable Refrigerant Volume system (VRV)

• Adsorption system 

All-Air systems

• Introduction to All-Air systems

• Single-duct, Single zone or Zoned reheat, Constant volume systems

• Variable Air Volume

• Dual duct system

• Three deck multi zone system

System Controls

• Control fundamentals

• Types of control action

• Air system procedures & air measurement .

• Water systems data .

• Test procedures.

Actual Project Case study


• Classification of water networks and its components. 

• Performance parameters. 

• Solvent system

• Cold water systems

• Design of Water networks.

Service water heating systems

• Methods of heat development

• Equipment thermal design parameter and basic types

Pipe sizing

• Supply pipe system

• Return piping system

• Water pressure-kitchen hot water supply

Water heating efficiencies and design considerations

• Water quality, corrosion and scale

• Hot water utilization temperatures

• Hot water from storage tanks and storage systems

• Safety devices for hot water supply systems

• Estimate the hot water requirements and sizing the storage-type equipment for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional buildings

Steam and condensate piping

• Water hammer

• Heat-up method

• Sizing the traps

• Installation

• Air venting

Fuel gas piping

• Definitions

• Appliances


• Types of pumps

• Pump performance

• Characteristic curves

• Fault diagnosis and trouble shooting

• Cavitations and NPSH. 

• Water hammer calculations

• Installation and operating problems

Energy conservation in water systems design

• Definitions

• Performance efficiency

• Saving energy

Maintenance plane preparation outline

• Field check list

• Hydraulic pressure test procedures 

• Flushing techniques

Case study

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