Operations and Maintenance Contracts - Management and Supervision

Start Date: 14 Apr 2019
End Date: 18 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Cairo / Egypt
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Due to the significant growth of the construction industry, many buildings, infrastructure and other types of projects have been constructed and completed to improve the quality of human living. The completion of such projects opens new crucial windows of problems for some and opportunities for others. Problems have been reported on the lack of knowledge and skills to properly execute the maintenance and operation contracts of these multi-million dollars facilities. The knowledge in coordinating and overseeing a safe, secure, and environmentally-sound operations and maintenance of these assets in a cost effective manner is vital in the long-term preservation of the asset value. Smooth operation and maintenance services would ensure that the facilities are operated and maintained to maximize their usage economically and for pleasant use by occupants. 

This 5-day course which is conducted in English, is delivered in 5 separate modules to provide an understanding of the concept of operations and maintenance and the efficient management of related contracts. The course has been divided into the following sections: Decision Making and Thinking Theory, Overview of Asset and Facility Management, Theory and Concept, Facilities Management, Facilities Planning and Design and Operations Management Implementation. 

Presented by some of industry's leading academics cum specialists and consultants, the topics will be both challenging and practical. This program offers an opportunity to improve knowledge and skills of those who are responsible in managing and supervising the operations and management contracts and for those who desires an uninterrupted service to clients and users of facilities. All these targets will be achieved as participants are exposed to the experiences and knowledge of speakers who have been in this business for more than a decade.

Who should attend:

• Project Directors, Construction Managers and Facility Managers

• Project Managers, Senior Managers and Quantity Surveyors 

• Managers and Technical personnel working in Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers organizations

• Plant and Building Supervisors and Managers 

• Policy makers responsible for development and implementing national sustainable development strategies, and 

• Researchers and academics involved in the construction and building industries

Daily Outlines:

Course Curriculum

Day 1:

Overview of Asset and Facility Management theory and concept 

08.30 am Understanding Asset Life Cycle

10.30 am Break

11.00 am Operation & Maintenance versus Facilities Management

12.30 pm Asset and Facilities Management Challenges and Future Trend

01.30 pm Lunch

Day 2:

Facility Planning and Design 

08.30 am Service Delivery Philosophy and Strategy 

10.30 am Break

11.00 am Implementation Plan, Cost Strategy and Organisation Structure 

12.30 pm Integrating Sustainable Development in FM 

01.30 pm Lunch

Day 3:

Problem Solving-Decision Making and Thinking Theory 

08.30 am 

10.30 am

11.00 am 

12.30 pm 

01.30 pm 

Day 4:

Asset and Facilities Management 

08.30 am Facilities Management – Principles and Techniques and the Malaysian Experience 

10.30 am Break

11.00 am Key Aspects of Facility Planning and Design

12.30 pm Developing Operation Strategies at the KLCC

01.30 pm Lunch

Day 5:

Operations Management Implementation

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