Power Factor Improvement In Power Stations

Start Date: 14 Apr 2019
End Date: 18 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Cairo / Egypt
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Typically, both utilities and consumers have incentives for power factor improvement. For a utility, power factor improvement reduces system losses and increases the portion of generation capacity for productive use. In addition it can help maintaining voltage at desired level. Consequently, utilities often encourage consumers to maintain high power factors by applying tariff clauses which penalize consumers for low power factor.

Power factor correction solutions can reduce the kVA demand to lower your power bills and reduce carbon emissions in networks with varying levels of harmonics. In addition active harmonic filters can reduce these harmful system harmonics and also provide power factor correction.


At the end of the course participants will know:

• Definitions of specific electrical terms.

• Relationship between voltage, current, and power versus time for alternating current circuits.

• The importance of minimizing current flow in AC electrical systems

• How power companies charge for the electricity they transport to their customers.

• How Capacitors actually correct for reactive power in industrial plants.

• How much money can be saved by implementing a Power Factor Correction program .

Who should attend:

• Engineers and Technicians in power plant & electricity supply industry

• Technical Management Professionals and Department Leaders

• Engineering Professionals from companies manufacturing and operating in power plants

• Engineers and Technical Personnel in power utilities, petrochemical plants, service professionals of large infrastructure projects.

• Participants need no specific requirements other than basic understanding of electricity and circuit theory and general knowledge of nature and operation of power system.

Daily Outlines:

Day 1 :

Power Factor Correction Understanding

• The nature of power factor correction

• Causes of low power factors

• Incentive for power factor correction

• Voltage regulation

• Opportunity for power factor correction

• Methods of Reactive power compensation

- Shunt capacitor

- Series capacitor

- Static var compensation SVC

- Flexible AC transmission system FACT

• Capacitor design and sizing

• Capacitor installation

• Control and protection

• Harmonic impact on capacitors

• Harmonic filters

• Economical evaluation

Day 2: 

Reactive Power Control and Power Factor Correction in Power Station

• Calculation for power factor correction

• Capacitor design

• Location of capacitor

• Capacitor sizing

• Capacitor specification

• Capacitor installation and integrity

• Metering instrument

• Control gear and protection for power factor correction

Day 3: 

Power Factor Correction and Harmonics

• Sources of harmonics

• Impact of harmonics on power factor correction capacitors

• Harmonic mitigation

• Passive filters

• Active filters

• Adaptive power factor controllers

Day 4:

Economical Evaluation

• Economical consideration

• Degree of correction

• Power factor dependent tariff

• Financial saving and cash flow study

• Factors influencing the life time of capacitors

• Power factor standards

• Reactive power coordination

Day 5 : 

Capacitor Application

Power factor improvement of induction motors

Capacitor start induction motors

Power factor improvement of private owned generating plants

Power factor improvement of mining locations

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