Advanced Materials for Construction and Repair of Concrete Structures

Start Date: 21 Apr 2019
End Date: 25 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

In the past, outmoded and functionally obsolete buildings were routinely demolished; today they are often maintained, repaired, remodelled and restored. The concept of recycling, once applicable to collecting glass bottles, metal cans and newspapers, now has engineering significance. Recycling buildings can be viewed as a way to conserve resources and reduce landfill demand. 

The most astounding challenge facing engineers and scientists to-date has been in the development of new, advanced construction and repair materials. The new technology of polymer composites, initially used by the aircraft industry, has now found its way to the construction industry and is bound to have a huge impact on the way structures are built and repaired.

Advanced materials with superior qualities require the collective efforts of engineers, chemists, physicists together with economists and aestheticians. If this can be done in a really imaginative way, then the future opportunities are enormous. The concept of recycled buildings is already attracting attention and the idea is probably not mere fiction.

Who should attend:

This course is designed to meet the needs primarily of structural engineers, material specialists, quality control and quality assurance experts, construction and supervision engineers, and contractors.

Because it avoids impenetrable technical terminology, the course content should be easily followed by architects who are seeking to broaden their knowledge of repair methods and materials. 

Engineers involved in design, supervision, construction or planning will find many direct links with their practice and requirements and can put the information provided to use immediately.

Daily Outlines:

Day One

Concrete as an old and new material 

ν Concrete as an old material

ν Properties of concrete

ν The development of reinforced concrete structure

ν Concrete with admixture

ν Concrete with polymers

Day Two

Engineering Analysis of Structural Defects And Failures

ν Causes of deterioration of structures

ν Shape of distress

ν Analysis of the cracks and defects

ν Solved examples of defects

Day three

Repair of structural element

ν Testing of the deteriorate structure

ν Propping of the defected elements

ν Repair of columns

ν Repair of beams

ν Repair of slabs

ν Repair of cracks

Day four

New materials for construction

ν Fibre reinforced polymers

ν Using FRP as a reinforcement

ν Using FRP as a repair material

ν Advantages

ν Disadvantages

ν Method of application for various type of structural elements

ν Grancrete as a replacement of cement

ν Grancrete properties

ν Advantages and disadvantages

ν Applications

ν Self compact concrete

ν High strength concrete

Day five

New systems for construction

ν Sandwich panel structures

ν Coffour system

ν M2 system

ν Composite construction

ν How to make a structural report for structural safety problems

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