Outsourced Facility Services

Start Date: 21 Apr 2019
End Date: 25 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Sharm Alshaikh / Egypt
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Facilities management has developed in the past decade into a booming business sector and discipline and continues to grow worldwide. The term facilities management – or facility "management” services if one adopts a U.S. perspective – has become recently accepted by federal governments, the business community, educationalists and researchers as an essential component of the success of an institution. Facilities management is of significance to institutions of all kinds and, as an emerging discipline, it has become the focus for the important issues of best value and customer satisfaction within the management of supporting services. Well-managed services allow an institution to function at its most efficient and effective level, offering real added value improvements to the institution’s core business and most important to the customers. It is necessary for facilities management service providers and their customers to acknowledge the role of facilities management in the institution’s strategic operations. This workshop presents the core concepts of facilities management with particular attention being given to the role of outsourcing.


This course aims to meet the continuing education needs of professionals who are involved in the process of or will the set the policies for outsourcing facilities management to a single or multiple providers. This program will also benefit government officials, policy makers, and the general public who are interested in learning and adopting strategies to outsource part or all the institutional functions. On completion of the course, the learners will be able to: 

1. Present a working definition of facilities management. 

2. Differentiate between the institution core and non-core business and appreciate the relationship between the two. 

3. Describe the role of an owner representative and the wide range of services covered by facilities management. 

4. Understand why different institutions will have different facilities management requirements. 

5. Explain the significance of developing a clear strategy for facilities management and the key objectives of the department. 

6. Describe the key stages to creating an effective facilities management strategy and implementation plan. 

7. Understand the need to gain a complete financial picture of the direct and indirect costs of both in-house and outsourced service provision.

Daily Outlines:

Day 1

• Introduction

• What is a Facility Management (FM)? Why Outsource?

• Planning, Programming and Budgeting

Day 2

• Sustainable FM

• Facility Emergency Preparedness

• Facility Security Management

Day 3

• Facilities Management Practice

• Operations and Maintenance

• Overview on the current state of FM Technology

Day 4

• Outsourcing: Management and Cost Issues

• Selecting a Strategy

• Implications of Outsourcing

Day 5

• Performance Evaluation

• Conflict Resolution

• Leadership and Politics

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