Building Condition Assessment

Start Date: 28 Apr 2019
End Date: 2 May 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

This course is designed to develop the knowledge of the engineers to asses any existing building and to know what the major steps which should be covered are and what the essential tests which have to be done are. Also to improve their skills in reviewing the drawings and the sequences of construction.

This course needs five days at least to transfer the basic concepts for assessing to the participants with a small scale case study. 

After these five days it needs another five days for an advanced practice which enable the participant to review more case study especially the cases which are needed by the court or an international assessing between countries.

Daily Outlines:

In this course the following outlines will be covered in the first part:-

1- The aim of assessing.

2- What is the qualification of the engineer who should carry out the assessing.

3- From where the engineer begins the mission.

4- Collection the data about the building.

5- Examining and sorting the collected data.

6- Reviewing the drawings which the actual constructed building.

7- Make complete drawings (structural and arch.) for the existing building which has no documents.

8- Tracing the cracks and deterioration on the drawings.

9- Create a complete model for the building.

10- The nondestructive testing needed in assessing.

11- What are the differences between structural analysis for a new building and an existing building?

12- The final decision and the recommendations.

13- How to use the assessing to get the price of the building. 

14- How to write the final report.

15- What are the general remarks which enable the engineer to know the quality of the assessing report?

The following outlines will be covered in the second part

1- Assessing and examining a building for the court.

2- What the court needs from the engineer in his report.

3- What are the differences between the terminologies that the court use and the engineer use?

4- Three cases study

5- How to asses a building to judge between two companies or organizations?

6- What are the steps that the engineer should take into account during his mission?

7- Assessing to know the structural safety of the building.

8- Three cases study for the structural safety.

9- Assessing for repair and rehabilitation.

10- Three cases study for repair.

11- Assessing for investment.

12- Three cases study for investment.

13- How to write the final report.

14- What are the general remarks which enable the engineer to know the quality of the assessing report?

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