Modern Maintenance & Reliability Management: Planning, Estimating,Scheduling & control (Cost Effect)

Start Date: 6 May 2018
End Date: 10 May 2018
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description


Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is one of the most important elements in modern maintenance management. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is also synonymous with control of maintenance. Further, maintenance planning and scheduling of work orders is the hub of a well functioning maintenance organization. In order for maintenance planning and scheduling to work many other systems need to work well. Most importantly equipment inspections through preventive maintenance, technical database such as bill of materials, work order history, and standard job plans. Maintenance spare part stores have to function well, see the above illustration picture.

In a world where sustainable cost-effectiveness and productivity is paramount, your focus is on increasing company revenue by enhancing the performance of your physical assets. Are you up to the challenge? Maintenance Planning and Scheduling - also known as Routine Work Management - plays a critical part within Physical Asset Management. By understanding the fundamental processes behind this strategy you will be able to identify the essential responsibilities you need to undertake in order to initiate a Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control program. But Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is not effective unless a strong reliability culture exists and reliability principles are understood and applied.

This five-day course is designed to assist maintenance management personnel responsible for delivering maximum reliability and availability of equipment at the lowest possible cost. The course will present techniques designed to improve the effectiveness of maintenance management activities, to ensure that physical assets perform their required functions, operate reliably, and support corporate goals. 

The sessions will focus on the modern methods and techniques on the most critical aspects of maintenance management such as Organizing maintenance resource, Selecting the right maintenance work, Analyzing failures, Setting and conducting a maintenance plan, Planning spare parts, Estimating and controlling maintenance costs, Computerizing maintenance planning and measurement operations. 

The delegate will also be introduced to Reliability tools and the effect human reliability has on plant availability. 



Course Objective

Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to:-

·         Demonstrate the bottom -line benefits of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling as a core business process

·         Perform the critical steps in the identification of necessary maintenance work

·         Develop a proactive maintenance planning system to reduce costs, downtime and backlogs

·         Achieve streamlined maintenance processes by developing a fool-proof scheduling program

·         Analyze work requests using a risk-based approach so only necessary work is performed

·         Apply proven performance measurement tools tailored to your maintenance conditions in order to guarantee the successful execution of maintenance work

·         Develop an accurate and reliable maintenance history through tracing and analyzing maintenance

·         Improve turnaround performance by applying proven best practices

·         Utilize best practice performance management in order to control your Maintenance Planning and Scheduling process

·         Effectively decrease downtime by coordinating and streamlining your Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control Process

Maintenance Managers, Planners, Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors

Plant Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors

Routine Work Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors

Operations Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors


Technical Maintenance Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors

Production Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors

Building Supervisors, Engineers and Superintendents

Engineering Managers

Team Leaders 


Who Should attend?

To maximize the benefits of the course, delegates should be prepared to actively participate in the course and bring examples of standard work plans, a list of plant performance metrics, the work priority system in-place, and any other planning or scheduling material they would like to review and discuss.

Course Outline

Definition of Advanced Maintenance Management

·         Maintenance Managers/Supervisors roles 

·         Objectives of Maintenance Management

·         Maintenance concepts in the middle east

The Maintenance Organization

·         Building and Leading Team  for an Effective Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

·         Strategies for TPM

·         Implementing TPM Action Plans

Maintenance Planning

·         Benefits and Tools of Maintenance Planning

·         The Maintenance Budget

Controlling the Maintenance Work

·         Dealing with Contractors

·         Various Control Mechanisms

·         Measuring and Evaluating Maintenance Performance

·         Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

Managing the Maintenance Staff

·         Scheduling and Implementation

·         Labor Standards and Efficiency

·         On-the-Job Training

·         Motivating the Maintenance Staff

Continuous Improvement in Maintenance

·         Problem Identification and Solution

·         Audit of the Maintenance Organization

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