Best Practices in Maintenance Management Strategy

Start Date: 5 Jul 2020
End Date: 9 Jul 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Frankfurt / Germany
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description

Learning Effective Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices are critical for every successful individual and company. This course delivers many practical and new Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices concepts and tools. You will discuss these concepts and practice using practical tools in case studies and discussion groups.

The costs associated with equipment downtime and reduced production can be significant. Learning how to effectively manage all aspects of your industrial facility is a must.

Course Objective


·                  Evaluate and justify your maintenance programs using Value = Benefit - Cost.

·                  Apply Life Cycle cost and risk planning to your facility assets.

·                  Target Maintainability and/or Reliability in the development of your facility maintenance plans.

·                  Learn the PLAN, DO, REVIEW cycle of continuous improvement.

·                  Apply the theory of this session using practical case studies.

Who Should attend?

It is highly recommended that all Maintenance, Reliability, Engineering and technical support staff including leadership and management attend this course.

·   Planners

·   Maintenance Supervisors

·   Engineers

·   Crafts and Tradesmen

·   Reliability Engineers

·   Operations Supervisors

Course Outline


Day 1

 - Asset Cost Management Introduction

·            Best Practice Reliability and Maintenance processes

·            Elements of Best practice Asset Management

·            Asset Management Team-work Skills

·            Open discussion sessions  

Day 2

 - Laying the Groundwork

·            Asset Management - definitions

·            Reliability& Maintenance Information requirements

·            Inventory Impact and Costs

·            Determining Best Practice PM Frequency

·            Selecting Reliability & Maintenance Tactics

·            Developing and selecting Predictive maintenance systems

·            Open Discussion sessions

Day 3

Applying the Value based Process

·            Maintenance & Reliability Mgt Performance Management

·            Reliability & Failure analysis best Practices

·            Failure Analysis Best Practice Software

·            Case Study  

Day 4

Applying the Value based Process

·            Best Practice Criticality assessment methodologies

·            Best Practice Equipment Life Cycle management

·            Life Cycle Reliability assessment Best Practices

·            Developing best practice Maintenance Programs

·            Maintenance Program justification techniques

·            Cost justification Best Practice software

·            Case Study  

Day 5

 - Review

·            Case study

·            Concepts, questions and answer session

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