Start Date: 26 Jul 2020
End Date: 30 Jul 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Cairo / Egypt
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description


Rotating equipment, pressure vessels, aboveground atmospheric storage tanks, and piping systems represent major capital investment in any Oil/Gas Production operation. Good design and construction is required as these equipments and piping systems are subject to a number of damage mechanisms throughout their service life that could result in serious or even catastrophic failures.

This course is structured to provide the delegates with the appropriate mix of technical fundamentals and practical best practices to maximize their learning.


Course Highlights

·         Design, operation and maintenance of rotating equipment

·         Design, operation and maintenance of pressure equipment and tank age

·         Materials and construction

·         System design integration

·         Equipment specification and management


Course Objective


·         Apply the requirements of the relevant industry standards and practices

·         Understand the design and construction of rotating equipment

·         Understand the design and construction of pressure vessels, piping systems, and aboveground atmospheric storage tanks

·         Develop rotating and static plant into complete systems

·         Develop an understanding of codes, standards, and Recommended Practices in process plant equipment and piping system design, construction and maintenance.

·         Enable the good management of plant systems


Training Methodology

This course combines sound engineering, operation and maintenance principles, applicable standards and best industry practices for reliable and cost-effective process plant systems. Participants will be provided with comprehensive course notes and copies of presentation material that will be very valuable for detailed study and future reference.


Organizational Impact

Proper design and construction of new plant with appropriate specification would result in significant measurable improvements in process plant systems including: improved plant integrity, reliability and availability with fewer failures. Leading to:

·         Improved plant integrity

·         Improved equipment reliability

·         Improved equipment availability

·         Better safety record

·         Improved plant profitability

·         Improved plant integration and operation.


Personal Impact

Delegates will enhance their competencies in the following areas:

·         Oil & Gas Process plant design

·         Knowledge of rotating equipment and static plant construction and design

·         Commissioning, inspection & testing

·         Knowledge of the requirements and application of relevant sections of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and B31 Piping Code

·         Management of reliability as applied to process plant


Who Should attend?


This course is designed for:

·         Engineers

·         Operations Engineers

·         Maintenance Engineers

·         Engineering Supervisors and Team Leaders to give them a practical understanding of real world situations in an oil and gas production environment.

Course Outline


Day 1: 
Rotating Equipment

·         Pumps & Compressors

o    Positive displacement

o    Centrifugal action

·         Pump & Compressor Performance

o    Pump curves

o    Compressor maps

o    System curves

·         Selection & Specification

o    Fulfilling process requirements

o    System integration


Day 2: 
Static Plant

·         Piping, Pipelines & Pressure Vessels

o    ASME B31 codes for piping

o    ASME BPVC VIII for pressure vessels

o    Pressure relieving devices

·         Above Ground Storage Tanks

o    API 650 for ASTs

o    AST construction

·         General Construction Considerations

o    Fabrication techniques

o    Resource logistics

o    Working with contractors


Day 3: 
Materials & Construction

·         Material Properties

o    Physical properties

o    Testing

o    Material specification data

·         Welding

o    Techniques

o    Qualification & procedures

o    Approval & quality

·         Inspection & Testing

o    NDE techniques: VT, PT, ET, MP, RT, UT

o    NDT techniques: hydrotest & pneumatic test


Day 4: 
System Design

·         Process Flow Schemes & Process Engineering Flow Schemes

o    Overview

o    DEP requirements

o    Process design & instrumentation

·         Commissioning

o    Preparatory checks

o    Protocol development

o    Startup/Shutdown/Handover

·         Plant & Equipment Operability

o    Operations consideration

o    Maintenance considerations


Day 5: 

·         Procurement Requirements

o    Material & Performance specifications

o    Supporting Standards: regulatory & in-house

o    Project schedule

·         Measure the Success

o    KPIs for the mechanical engineer

o    Benchmarking

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