Cost Effective Maintenance Management

Start Date: 26 Jul 2020
End Date: 30 Jul 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Madrid / Spain
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description

Due to the importance of maintenance process to any production or service plants, maintenance management received considerable and intensive research that resulted in many procedures which are applicable for implementation everywhere. Maintenance management includes organization of maintenance resources, failure analysis, maintenance cost estimation, spare parts classification and planning, overhaul planning and management, documentation of failures and maintenance procedures, etc. Cost Effective Maintenance Management is a goal for many companies. An obvious step to achieving cost effective maintenance includes selecting the appropriate maintenance strategy

Course Objectives

·         Discuss the Maintenance Organization and Human Aspects

·         Discuss the topics related to Maintenance Cost

·         Learn the methods to set a Cost-­Effective Maintenance

·         Understand the Role & Duties of a Planner and Scheduler

Who Should Attend?

·         Maintenance Manager, Engineers, Planners

·         Supervisors.

·         Also will be more beneficial for Materials Suppliers for Industrial Organizations.

Program Schedule


·         Introduction of Maintenance Management

·         Specific Maintenance Definition Maintenance Goals

·         Reactive Maintenance

·         Predictive Maintenance

·         Preventative Maintenance

·         Total Productive Maintenance

·         Reliability -­Centered Maintenance

·         Overall Equipment Effectiveness

·         Principles of Maintenance Management


·         Why we have a Maintenance Plan?

·         Maintenance Process

·         Expected Outcomes

·         Maintenance Budget

·         Levels of Planning

·         Effective Planned Maintenance

·         How to implement a good Maintenance Plan ( Manpower, Spare Parts, Tools)

·         Plan Evaluation & Feedback


·         Causes of Poor Productivity

·          Elements of Labor Control

·         Total Cost Visibility

·         life Cycle Cost

·         Maintenance Methods and Cost Centers

·         maintenance Classifications


·         Accounting Procedures

·         Area for reducing Maintenance Costs

·         Economics Indicators of Maintenance Costs

·         How to reduce maintenance Cost :

·         Use of Contractors

·         Area Maintenance/ Zones/ Shifts

·         Company Maintenance Manpower


·         Ordering Parts

·         Functions of the Maintenance Store

·         Spare Parts Storage & Retrieval

·         methods to control & reduce Inventory

·         10 Rules for Improvement of Work Process

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