Transformers Operation and Maintenance

Start Date: 23 Aug 2020
End Date: 27 Aug 2020
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description

Installation of high voltage distribution and transmission equipment has increased significantly over the years due to ongoing global demand for power. As a result, the need to ensure the reliability of operation of power systems is paramount. Power transformers are among the most important and most expensive components of power systems, their failure can impose extraordinarily high costs on plants, factories and utilities of all descriptions. This course provides knowledge on both the theory and operation of Power Transformers. The course will develop and enhance an understanding of what is involved in the maintenance of these essential components of the power systems, through the tips and tricks learnt and developed by some of the World's pre-eminent electrical engineers

Course Objectives

·         Gaining a thorough understanding of the operating characteristics of transformers

·         Being familiar with the different tests required for the various types of transformers

·         Learning the  maintenance and troubleshooting activities

·         Being familiar with the various methods used to repair and refurbish transformers

·         Being able to maximize the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of transformers

·         Understanding the calculations and sizing techniques used for transformers

·         Learn how to select transformers to best fit with their purpose

Who Should Attend?

·         Technicians

·         Maintenance personnel

·         Electricians

·         Electrical supervisors

·         Project engineers

·         Engineers of all disciplines

·         Other technical individuals

Program Schedule


·         Transformers

·         Right hand rule

·         Magnetic flux

·         Magnetic induction

·         Left hand RuleTurns ratio

·         Transformer losses

·         Transformer types


·         Operating principles

·         Operation without load

·         Operation with load

·         Service classification

·         Instrument transformers

·         Magnetizing circuits

·         Losses

·         Efficiency


·         AirCooledOil-Immersed

·         Temperature limits

·         Transformer loading

·         No-load tap changer

·         Tap changing under load

·         Phase-angle control


·         Single phase circuits

·         Two-phase circuits

·         Three-phase circuits

·         Insulation testing

·         High potential testing

·         Turns ratio testing

·         Polarity testing


·         Power factor

·         Excitation current

·         DC winding resistance

·         Polarization recovery

·         Insulating fluid dielectric

·         Dissolved gas analysis

·         Transformer faults

·         Differential relaying

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