Start Date: 10 Mar 2019
End Date: 14 Mar 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Purchases and Store Programs

Course Description


As a new buyer, do you find yourself overwhelmed and under-equipped? Are you battling to keep the lid on costs without sacrificing quality...struggling to establish win-win relationships with suppliers...trying to learn the ropes without hanging yourself?
This fundamentals course is taught by leaders in the field. Youíll walk through every step of the purchasing, negotiating, vendor and materials-management process. Find innovative ways to manage your suppliers so that they deliver the quality you want on time and within your budget...learn how e-procurement can help you save money and exploit sales opportunities...understand the legal aspects of purchasing...recognize the impact you have on the financial side of your business.

Course Objective



         Become a more efficient and productive buyer

         Save your company money through better purchasing techniques

         Improve the services provided by your suppliers through more effective negotiations and planning

         Understand ethical/legal aspects and the liabilities of purchasing within the law

         Find out how to select and qualify suppliers

         Confidently meet even the most difficult purchasing challenges

Who Should attend?


New buyers interested in reviewing and updating techniques to improve purchasing performance, supplier management, materials management and negotiations. This seminar provides buyers in service, manufacturing, health care or office purchasing the means to achieve purchasing professionalism and the tools to improve their performance on the job.

Course Outline




         Top managementís philosophy on purchasing and the buyerís role

         Purchasing relationship with internal departments and suppliers

         Phases of the buying cycle and requisition flow

         Reading and interpreting financial reports for supplier selection

         Overview of supplier selection, qualification and certification programs

         Supplier scheduling, communication and delivery commitment

         Obtaining better total costs by performing cost, price and value analyses

         Types of purchase contracts: blanket orders and blanket purchase agreements

         Negotiation skills for the buyer

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