Start Date: 21 Apr 2019
End Date: 25 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Purchases and Store Programs

Course Description


The business world has been irrevocably changed by the advent of new Information Technologies. Supply Chain Management and Purchasing have been identified as the key business areas effected by the IT revolution. The challenge for organizations is to understand which of the many possible elements are appropriate for them, and which will add the most value to their activities. Understanding and applying those technologies is the key to achieving both reduced costs and improved customer value.

This event guides delegates through the current and anticipated technologies, explains the latest thinking in e-business, and allows delegates to determine which elements are appropriate for their organization.

Course Objective

To provide an introduction and overview of the current state of the art in electronic procurement, including all forms of web and internet based business.

At the end of the event delegates will have a framework for considering the uses of e-procurement within their own organization, and checklists on how to proceed in future.


Who Should attend?

The COURSE is designed for managers, Procurement managers and staff, buyers, and staff with responsibility for buying who may in future buy electronically or do so currently. It assumes only basic IT and procurement skills.

Course Outline



- Introduction to Supply Chain Best Practice

         Definition of Supply Chain Management

         Current initiatives in Supply Chain Management

         Looking at total value and total cost

         The Procurement job function and basic processes

         Procurement strategy

         Procurement planning


 - Procurement, Partnerships and Negotiation

         Single Source Procurement/Partnering

         Advantages, problem areas, price determination lowest reasonable cost

         Negotiating Special Issues

         Planning & Preparation

         Win-Win Philosophy

         Tricks others may play

         Managing The Total Supply Chain

         Linking your suppliers and customers to maximum value

         Analyzing the Value chain

         Aligning your suppliers

         Adding Value to your clients



- Best Practice in Procurement Tenders

Organizational Procedures: Purpose, Advantages, Content and Common Mistakes

         What is a tender?

         Tendering: the problem areas

         How to develop a practical tender process

1.     Pre-qualification

2.      Supplier appraisal (Checklist)

3.     Contract Strategy (Checklist)

4.     Specification

5.      Communication

6.     Invitation to Tender (Checklist)

7.     Tender Evaluation

8.     Post tender negotiation

9.     Award

10.    Post Contract Award Stage


- E-procurement & Logistics

         E-procurement- when and why

         On-line tendering and auctions

         Swifter, faster logistical response as a source of competitive advantage

         Use of new technologies in quick response logistics

         Expediting: Liability issues, Dos & Donts, Costs


- Implementing and Benchmarking the Supply Chain

         Developing "Excellence"

         Implementing Continuous Improvement for Procurement function

         Role of Quality

         Benchmarking and Measurement

         COURSE Summary and Review

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