Start Date: 16 Aug 2020
End Date: 20 Aug 2020
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK
Category: Purchases and Store Programs

Course Description

Course is designed to integrate foods, foodservice, purchasing, quantity food production and catering. Employees gain experience in planning, preparation, presentation and service of food in varied foodservice settings. Emphasis is placed on teamwork and foodservice management techniques.

Course Objective


Active participation in this course will enable the employee to successfully master the following objectives:

ē An understanding of cateringís role in the foodservice industry

ē The catering departmentís role in relation to other departments of the organization

ē An understanding of the interrelated functions of menu planning, function timing, customer service and financial planning.


Who Should attend?


Catering Personnel

Course Outline


Upon completion of this course, employees should/will:


∑        Be able to identify various segments of the catering industry and its requirements

∑        Be able to plan menus appropriate to various occasions reflecting a clientís wishes and aesthetic values, using resources effectively within monetary constraints

∑        Understand the need and utilization of specific equipment for catering staff

∑        Be able to prepare production and service plans for catering staff

∑        Be able to apply basic foodservice management and supervisory principles during catering projects

∑        Understand and utilize skills in guest management

∑        Be able to conduct team meetings

∑        Have the ability to plan, organize, and implement a catering function

∑        Be able to apply food safety and sanitation principles

∑        Be able to direct the responsible selection and service of wine, beer and spirits

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