Cased Hole Logging

Start Date: 14 Apr 2019
End Date: 18 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Petroleum and Oil Programs

Course Description

This 5-day program is a comprehensive and up-to-date course covering the new and traditional wireline diagnostic techniques for the surveillance of cased wells. Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation, plus a loose-leaf workbook, are provided to participants of this course. 

Course Objectives

·         Understanding the Cement tools, basics on data review and full analysis

·         Understanding the Corrosion tools; basics on phase shift tools, flux and eddy current, the micro-corrosion tools, data resolution and evaluation

·         Learning the Open hole Production logging – Vertical & Horizontal wells

·         Understanding the Monitoring tools; basics and advanced data monitoring

·         nderstanding the Noise logging data and well integrity

Who Should Attend?

·         Engineers at different levels 

·         International Oil companies staff 

·         Contractors and Service companies staff 

·         Background of Geology, petroleum engineering, petrophysics, physics staff 

Program Schedule


·         Introduction to Cementing

·         Cement properties, powder, slurry properties, rehology

·         Cement placement and hole conditions

·         Cement tools

·         Data analysis and interpretation

·         Finding the spots of micro fractures

·         Cement remedies, leaks behind casing

·         Advanced analysis


·         Types of corrosion tools in the market

·         Basics of tools, data accuracy and validation

·         The flux and eddy current

·         The phase shift tools, data evaluation and processing, full analysis and accuracy

·         Corrosion evaluation of multi casing strings

·         The micro corrosion tools


·         Production tools in vertical wells; T, P, Density, Hold Up, flowmeters, GR, and other tools

·         Full data evaluation of vertical well examples

·         Horizontal wells: production tools of different companies, accuracy, quick look, validation and LQC

·         Data processing and evaluation

·         Examples and discussion


·         Reservoir monitoring tools

·         The current tools and data acquired

·         Validation of data

·         Data fitting into reservoir simulation

·         DOI, resolution, parameters used

·         Data processing and analysis


·         Noise log tools, basics , frequencies used and full data evaluation

·         Perforation: types of gun in the market

·         Choosing the right gun for your formation

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