Heavy Oil Gathering and Transport System (Oil Movement)

Start Date: 28 Apr 2019
End Date: 2 May 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Petroleum and Oil Programs

Course Description

This course is intended to provide knowledge to the participants in the following aspects: Heavy and extra heavy Oil properties, Requirements for Heavy and extra heavy Oil storage, Requirements for Heavy and extra heavy Oil transport, Requirements for Heavy and extra heavy Oil treatment, Analysis of technologies to transport Heavy and extra heavy Oil in pipelines, Analysis emerging technologies to transport and store heavy crude oil, Operations on Heavy and extra heavy Oil pipelines, Gathering and Handling Schemes for Heavy and extra heavy Oil, PIPESIM Applications in Heavy and extra heavy Oil, Measurements techniques for storage farms basic.

Who Should Attend?



         Surface facilities design and operation engineers

         Production staff 

         Anyone who is or will be responsible for heavy oil gathering and transport system 


Heavy Oil field process 

         Field process 

         Production process and transport

         Production system 

         Nodal analysis 

Single phase equation in pipelines 

         Reynolds transport principles

         Continuity Equation 

         Momentumís equation 

         Single phase flow 

         Fluid flow equations

Isothermal flow in pipeline 

         Incompressible single phase flow 

         Flow parameter estimation: pressure, flow, and diameter 

         Minor pressure loss in accessories and valves 

         Impact of some parameter in the energy requirement 

         Pumps in the pipeline system 

Temperature profile in pipeline 

         Explicit model 

         For incompressible fluid 

         For compressible fluid 

         For Multiphase flow 21 

         Implicit model 

         Peng Ė Robinson Equation of State

Crude oil diluents 

         Impact of the dilution on the density and viscosity 

         Impact f the dilution on density and viscosity of the mixture 

         Impact of the dilution on the pressure requirement 

         Optimum amount of diluents based on hydraulic analysis 

         Booster stations 

         Impact on pipeline diameter 

         Effect of the mixture quality 

         Effect of the topography of the terrain 

Heavy oil transport using heat 

         Hydraulic behavior on heated pipeline 

         Characteristic behavior of some heavy oil 

         Study case and premises for hydraulic study 

         Thermal- hydraulic analysis to the pipeline

Water-crude oil transport 

         Water distributed in crude oil phase 

         Physical properties and pressure drop 

         Two phase flow: different model

Gas-liquid flow in gathering system 

         Correlations: Flanigan, Dukler et al, Beggs y Brill, Oliemans, etc 

         Effect of gas on the properties of the liquid phase 

         Flow effect on the gas phase 

         Mechanistic models: Xioís Method 

         Gas-Liquid flow in the production system

Basic equations for gathering network 

         Series system 

         Parallel system 

         Branched system 

         Gathering network: open, closed, 

         Equations for gathering network 

Gathering network structure 

         Introduction to the gathering network 

         Topography of the network 

         Generation of dendrite in the network

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