Start Date: 17 Mar 2019
End Date: 21 Mar 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Barcelona / Spain
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description

Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) enables organizations to assess the status of their environmental performance and identify areas for improvement. The selections of key performance indicators (KPI) are an important factor in EMS implementation and can help an organization demonstrate performance improvement to a variety of interested parties.

Course Objective


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

         describe the key steps in an EPE model

         explain the role of EPE in developing, maintaining and improving an EMS

         identify a range of performance indicators

         select suitable indicators to track environmental performance

Programme Aims

This course is ideal for those who are developing an EMS or looking to improve an existing one. Building on the international standard ISO 14031, this course will allow participants to develop a process which provides a current evaluation of performance as well as performance trends over time.


Who Should attend?


You will find the course useful if you are, or want to be, engaged in environmental decision making in industry, commerce, local government, a consultancy, a non-governmental organization or a local community. It can benefit you in your work, community or home if you want to understand how decisions are made in complex and messy situations, and it can help you to participate effectively in environmental decision making at different levels. If you want to consider the environmental effects of a wide range of decisions, including your own, and to facilitate other peoples environmental decision making and action, this course is for you.

Course Outline


Describe the key steps in an EPE model

         Environmental Performance Evaluation System

         Analysis of enterprises activities and determination of critical areas and existing risks

         Definition of environmental policies

         Suggestion of necessary actions and adjustments

         Predisposition of operating and monitoring procedures

         Organization of environmental departments

         Construction of reporting systems integrated with managerial direction 


What role and responsibility do you have for these potential impacts and environmental performance?

         Task-specific] Health and Safety Plan

         Technical work documents (specific to this activity)

         Institutional and Facility Support Services procedures (as    applicable)

         Contractor specifications and selection criteria weekly inspections  monitor system improvement collect field monitoring data 

         review data coordinate maintenance record keeping relative to operational controls  reporting  preparing and tracking non-conformance reports ensure that operational controls are in place and working take specified action should controls fail


What benefits or positive effects would you notice with improved environmental performance (i.e. reduced disposal costs, improved relationships with regulators and public)?

         Avoid environmental releases and associated costs

         Improved relationships with stakeholders

         Reduced waste disposal costs

         Accelerated completion of remedial action

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