Health Economics

Start Date: 23 Aug 2020
End Date: 27 Aug 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description

The course examines methods for the analysis of markets in health and medical care,  describes the economics of health in low-and middle-income countries, focuses on the analysis, and development of concepts and problem solving. The participant will be imparted with all the fundamental concepts of health economics with case studies to support the theoratical principles. 

Course Objectives

         Explain how economics is applicable to health and health care

         Discuss the links between economic wellbeing and health

         Select appropriate analytical tools in the economic analysis of health and health care

         Apply economic criteria of efficiency and equity to health and health care issues 

Who Should Attend?

         Health administration professionals,

         Public health professionals,


         Health promoters,

         Health policy makers,

         Those who wish to broaden their understanding of Economics of Health.

Program Schedule


Economics, Health Economics and Development 
This module will provide participants with an introduction to economics and how it relates to health and development.
Topics covered include:

         An overview of "the economic problem;

         Development and development economics;

         Understanding health systems; 

         Trends in global development.


Health financing

This module will examine different methods to fund the delivery of health care across the health sector. The role of incentives underlying various models will be explored and the implications these may have for achieving equity and efficiency in the health care system. 
Topics covered include:

         Alternative payment mechanisms for health service consumers;

         Alternative arrangements for paying health workers;

         Methods for purchasing pharmaceuticals; 

         Financing health insurance.


Economic Evaluation of Health Care Interventions 
This module will introduce the technique of evaluating health programs from an economic perspective.  This will assist in determining which programs return the best health gain for a given use of resources for an identified health priority.
Topics covered include:

         Methods of economic evaluation, eg cost effectiveness and cost benefit analyses;

         Determining the resources used, costs and outcomes of health programs;

         Interpreting the results of economic evaluation; and

         Incorporating economic evaluation into health development proposals.


Priority Setting Tools and Methodologies
Health programs competing for resources are an issue in any locality.  This module will introduce techniques to assist decision-making in funding priorities at a provincial or national level across a variety of health programs.
Topics covered include:

         Determining local and national health issues;

         Priority setting models;

         Planning for future health investment; 

         Fairness and equity in priority setting.


         Insurance and "The Safety Net"

         Private Insurance and Managed Care

         Social Insurance

         Alternative Health Care Systems

         Economics and Environmental Health.

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