Managing Complex Projects

Start Date: 13 Jan 2019
End Date: 17 Jan 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


Through an authentic case study-based simulation, you gain experience managing a large-scale and complex project.


 Paper-based and PC-based activities include:


·                     Identifying and managing stakeholders

·                     Evaluating a customer acceptance plan

·                     Analyzing project feasibility

·                     Preparing a communication plan

·                     Identifying and analyzing strategic risk

·                     Developing a risk management plan

·                     Preparing and presenting a project charter and plan

·                     Evaluating project progress using EVM

·                     Responding to project change

·                     Measuring and presenting results

·                     Adopting a project close checklist

·                     Creating lessons learned for organizational improvement

Course Objective


You Will Learn How To


·                     Manage large-scale, complex projects involving substantial budgets and cross-functional teams

·                     Determine business benefits and project feasibility

·                     Align your projects with organizational strategy

·                     Communicate effectively with executive stakeholders to ensure project success

·                     Evaluate project progress using Earned Value Management

·                     Conduct phase review meetings and continually assess project viability

Who Should attend?


To avoid delay, disruption and rework when managing large, complex projects, project managers need strong leadership, communication and problem-solving skills to make sound business decisions. Through an intensive five-day project simulation, you experience real-world situations in which your decisions impact the outcome of your project. You also take away productivity tools and templates for use back at work.

Course Outline


Introduction to Complex Projects

·                     The art and science of project management

·                     Defining a complex project

Assessing Project Viability

Selecting projects based on financial assessment

·                     Payback

·                     ROI

·                     NPV

Determining project feasibility

·                     Validating hard and soft benefits

·                     Appraising business benefits

·                     Establishing technical and organizational readiness

Managing Stakeholders

Managing stakeholder priorities

·                     Determining stakeholder significance and impact

·                     Evaluating stakeholder impact

·                     Increasing support and decreasing opposition

Evaluating a customer acceptance plan (CAP)

·                     Identifying acceptance criteria

·                     Implementing a process to achieve customer buy-in

Planning communications

·                     Identifying stakeholder communication needs

·                     Mapping information needs

·                     Creating a communication plan

·                     Implementing the communication plan

Controlling Complex Project Risk

Developing a risk management plan (RMP)

·                     Reducing risk in complex projects

·                     Creating an RMP

Analyzing strategic project risk

·                     Assessing strategic risk

·                     Redirecting your project based on strategic risk profile

Monitoring and controlling project risk

·                     Interpreting and analyzing project risk

·                     Communication risk to key stakeholders

·                     Making decisions based on executive risk reports

Procuring Products and Services

Clarifying the details of procurement

·                     Determining when and what to procure

·                     Recommending the purchase or production of a product

Managing the vendor selection process

·                     Applying a vendor selection process

·                     Calculating cost of ownership

Selecting a vendor

·                     Choosing an appropriate contract type

·                     Evaluating and selecting a vendor

Preparing for Project Phase Reviews

Creating phase review documents

·                     Completing a project charter

·                     Assembling a project plan

Gaining critical project approvals

·                     Completing project initiation and planning

·                     Managing mid-course corrections

Adopting Quality Standards

Identifying quality standards

·                     Choosing appropriate quality standards

·                     Reviewing a quality plan

Controlling project change

·                     Identifying change management requirements

·                     Reviewing a change management plan

·                     Solving real-world problems

Reporting Project Health

Project reporting

·                     Utilizing the art and science of project reporting

·                     The challenges of reporting in complex projects

Employing Earned Value Management (EVM)

·                     Reviewing the fundamentals of EVM

·                     Leveraging the power of EVM to keep projects on track

·                     Predicting likely outcomes

·                     Charting project performance

Reviewing Project Outcomes

·                     Obtaining customer acceptance and closing the project

·                     Using a project close checklist

·                     Documenting feedback

.           Developing a lessons learned document

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