Start Date: 27 Jan 2019
End Date: 31 Jan 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


Now more than ever, managing procurement route from procurement strategy, contracting strategy followed by how to conduct the tendering process and contract management   contract is critical to the success of business. Good procurement management including good handling and monitoring of contracts mean investing good risk management.  As the lead off course in the Commercial Contract Handling, this course introduces the concepts, issues, techniques and best practices you will study in greater depth.  First, you will discuss the dynamic role of contracting strategy and tendering in a multinational team environment.  You also will learn the entire contract management process from both buyer and seller perspectives, from pre-RFP planning, proposal development, and negotiation through contract administration and close-out

Course Objective


          The seminar provides contract Administrators / Coordinators, Buyers, Supply Chain Management Professionals, Project Leaders and Members  with effective management knowledge of handling Quality Tendering and Commercial  Contracts.

         To discuss and identify  good practices of tendering process and  managing commercial contracts

         To present examples from the real world best practices.

Attending this workshop will enable you to:

         To conduct tender efficiently and effectively

         Use Contracts as tools to manage risk more effectively e.g. reduction of total cost , manage contracts to increase profitability

         Leverage the entire contract management process-from the buyerís and sellerís perspectives

         Effectively prepare the administration of contracts

         Avoid common problems and reduce risks

         Apply best practices of sourcing management (e.g. Strategic Alliance), contract performance management and quality assurance


Who Should attend?


Contract Administrators / Coordinators, Buyers, Supply Chain Management Professionals, Project Leaders and Members  of Project Teams, and Other professionals who seek for methods of handling Quality Commercial  Contracts.

Course Outline



I.    The Contract Management Overview : TENDERING and Contracting Process

         Introduction and Overview :Contract as Management Tools

         Buyerís and Sellerís View

         Strategic options in contracting

         Contracting Process :

         Pre-Contract Planning and Issues

         Developing Contract Work Breakdown Structure, Tendering Process

II. The Contract Initiations and Modifications

         Subcontracting : Anticipated problems in subcontracting

         Monitor contractors against subcontracting plans

         Contract Modifications for Commercial Contract

III & IV.Contracting Strategy and Tendering Process

         Contracting Strategy

         Tendering Process

         Type of Tenders

         GOI Tender Regulatory Requirements

         Tender Administrator

         Tender Evaluation

V. Contract Close Out and Support For Teamwork in Change Management

         Contract Close-out

         Completion of work

         Close out checklist

         Value improving process

         Support for Teamwork: Change Management

         Types of Changes ; Analyzing impacts

         Principle of Change Management in Contracts

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