Contracts Administration From Award to Completion

Start Date: 27 Jan 2019
End Date: 31 Jan 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description



o    The objective of every organization is that the contracting process results in a fair and reasonable price for a high quality on time deliverable. To meet this objective, world-class organizations view the application of best practices in contract administration after the award as being essential skill sets needed by all employees involved in the contracting process. Included in this fast paced PROGRAM to show renewed emphasis on this critical phase of contract management are:

·         Effective Contract Administration

·         Interpretation of Contracts

·         Maintaining Contract Schedules

·         Controlling Contract Changes

Course Objective



·         Be able to provide better outcomes from contracts

·         Review Contract administration techniques

·         Explore contract monitoring techniques

·         Learn how to get fair treatment in contract changes

·         Know how to analyze contracts

·         Discuss contract termination issues

·         How to Prepare for claims and disputes

·         Review acceptance and Contract close out issues

·         Study the Inputs and outputs in contract administration




Participants will increase competencies through a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, exercises, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of new concepts.

Who Should attend?



·         This program would benefit anyone working in Contracts departments.  This would also greatly benefit professionals working in Projects; Engineering Projects; Construction Projects; Tenders and Purchasing departments

·         Also, professionals involved in contract administration activities across the organisation would develop a world-class skill set

·         The PROGRAM is a great way to develop those new to the function, prepare for a major project, or useful as a refresher for veterans

Course Outline




With the ever-increasing quantity of outsourcing by organizations, Contract Administration is emerging as an essential competency for professionals and mangers in most functional activities that are involved in the acquisition of goods, equipment and services. This program is designed to take the participant through the many steps of contract administration from the time the award is made through to final acceptance, payment, and the contract close out so that the total objectives of entering into the contract are achieved.


DAY 1 - Objectives of contract administration

·         Effective Contract Administration

·         The Most Critical Elements

·         Key Players In Contract Administration

·         Post Award Conference

·         Analysis Of The Contract

·         Establishing Major Deliverables

·         What Needs To Be Measured?

DAY 2 - Outputs and contract types

·         Typical Outputs Of Contract Administration

·         Monitoring Techniques

·         Identify The Risk

·         Responses To Risk

·         Contract Types

·         Administration In Cost Type Contracts

·         Economic Price Adjustments

DAY 3 - Maintaining schedules and contract changes

·         Maintaining Contract Schedules

·         Expediting Techniques

·         Major Causes Of Changes

·         Contract Price Changes

·         Evaluating Price Changes

·         Practical Considerations for Bonds and Guarantees

·         Types of Bonds and Guarantees

DAY 4 - Issues in contract performance

·         Contract Terminations

·         Service Level Termination Event

·         What Constitutes Breach?

·         Responding To A Breach

·         Right To Cover

·         Manuals And Drawings

·         Supplier/Contractor Relations

·         Sub-contractor Issues

DAY 5 - Acceptance and close out

·         Warranties

·         Source Code Escrows

·         Forms Of Payment

·         Progress Payments

·         Claims and Disputes

·         Negotiation Of Claims And Disputes

·         Final Acceptance

·         Close Out Procedures

·         Post Contract Review Meeting

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