Managing Multiple Projects

Start Date: 3 Feb 2019
End Date: 7 Feb 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


Through an immersive, multimedia-enhanced and simulated case study, you gain the skills critical to successfully manage multiple projects.


 Experiential activities include:


·                     Building a matrix of portfolio goals

·                     Analyzing project financial rationale

·                     Identifying best-case and worst-case scenarios within a project portfolio

·                     Selecting appropriate methodologies for several distinct projects

·                     Creating a portfolio dashboard

·                     Identifying headlight vs. rearview mirror metrics

·                     Applying a 4-blocker template to actual project issues

·                     Allocating resources to specific ongoing projects

·                     Chairing a human resource allocation meeting

·                     Building an action plan for a red flag program

·                     Integrating case study lessons into your multiple project world

Course Objective


You Will Learn How To


·                     Lead and manage multiple projects to achieve project portfolio success

·                     Align and prioritize project goals to your organizational mission

·                     Optimize project methodologies and communicate to stakeholders and team embers

·                     Monitor and assess the health of your project portfolio

·                     Successfully allocate resources across competing projects

·                     Apply Continuous Process Improvement strategies to your project portfolio


Who Should attend?


Managers of multiple projects must balance the diverse demands of competing interests. An effective manager will leverage the organizational mission to resolve issues and maximize results.


This course provides the critical skills to effectively align organizational and project interests. You learn to apply practical templates that enable you to define measure and achieve project portfolio success.

Course Outline


Introduction to the Multiple Project Environment

·                     Defining a project portfolio

·                     Identifying the unique challenges of multiple projects

·                     Outlining the best practices that support the management of multiple projects

Anchoring Project Goals to the Organizational Mission


Articulating project goal statements

·                     Developing a project goal comparison matrix

·                     Writing consistent goal statements across multiple projects

·                     Creating an organizationally-based foundation for prioritizing diverse projects

Applying common industry financial assessments to prioritize multiple projects

·                     Comparing projects competing for resources based on investment parameters and risk

·                     Performing a financial analysis of multiple projects including best and worst case scenarios

·                     Ranking projects based on goal, mission and financial analysis

Measuring Project Portfolio Progress


Selecting and communicating process strategies in a multiple project environment

·                     Selecting appropriate process strategies based on complexity, requirement uncertainty and criticality

·                     Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of common process approaches

·                     Communicating portfolio process decisions to stakeholders and team members with templates

Monitoring and assessing project portfolio health

·                     Adapting a practical dashboard approach to monitor, assess and control project health on an ongoing basis

·                     Demonstrating ownership of the projects

·                     Allocating your assessment time across the project portfolio

·                     Communicating project issues to stakeholders and team members with the 4-blocker template

Optimizing Limited Resources Across Multiple Projects


Allocating human resources

·                     Resourcing within standard organization models

·                     Applying effective resource planning tools

·                     Comparing functional, matrix and project-centric organizations

Increasing the organizational benefit

·                     Successfully chairing a resource planning meeting

·                     Emphasizing leadership in personnel decision making

·                     Implementing a Project Management Office within your organization

Achieving Project Portfolio Success


Applying leadership skills to facilitate change

·                     Meeting the challenges of leading multiple project teams

·                     Contrasting the attributes of management vs. leadership

·                     Bringing red-flagged projects back on track

·                     Applying the Service Leadership Model (SLM) to Continuous Process Improvement in a  multiproject environment

Implementing a Continuous Process Improvement culture

·                     Fast-forwarding lessons from one project into phases of other projects

·                     Applying lessons learned to your portfolio

·                     Aligning processes to industry standards: CMMI, ISO 9000, PMI, PRINCE2™

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