Managerial and Team-Building Skills for Project Managers

Start Date: 10 Mar 2019
End Date: 14 Mar 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


People skills are essential for the successful completion of today's complex and critical projects. To gain buy-in and support, you need to create a cohesive project team through improved communication and an environment that fosters cooperation.

Course Objective


                                 Challenges of being a project manager

                                 Improving communication skills

                                 Project vs. functional duties

                                 Developing the project team

                                 Negotiating roles in the team

                                 Analyzing interpersonal relationships

                                 Coping with difficult people

                                 Conflict resolution

                                 Stimulating creative thinking

Who Should attend?


Program and project managers and directors, and all those who are looking to develop or improve their managerial skills rather than the technical skills of project management. Plus, functional managers who must support the project team.

Course Outline


         Identifying the differences between a project team approach and a work group approach

         Capitalizing on your teams strengths and talents

         Incorporating the stages of team development to increase project success

         Delegating without losing accountability

         Encouraging feedback and resolving misunderstandings

         Project plans that work in different organizational environments

         Handling difficult team members effectively

         Increasing versatility in your day-to-day team interactions

         Managing without formal authority

         Increasing participation and effectiveness in team meetings

         Using project plans to build commencement

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