Best Practices for Project Management

Start Date: 17 Mar 2019
End Date: 21 Mar 2019
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


More than ever before, an organizationís work in making strategic improvement is project-type tasks.  Project management is a specialized approach to managing business and is increasingly becoming more complex and sophisticated.  This complexity calls on the professionalís skill in more than just the exercise of intuitive judgments. A successful professional project executive is expected to create a blend of the art and science of project management.  In doing so, it is necessary to rely on the application of the science and systems of project management while demonstrating flexibility, innovation and leadership to maximize project success.  Modern organizations cannot afford anything less than competent project management that leads to successfully completed projects.


This comprehensive, but practical project management seminar offers a performance edge by showing how to develop and use a critical set of leadership skills to initiate, plan, control and complete projects using a variety of project management tools and techniques more effectively and efficiently.  The seminar is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of principles, processes and procedures of project management and the leadership skills required for project managers to successfully lead project teams.  Both the project management and leadership principles can be easily adapted to any organizationís work

Course Objective



         Establish project boundaries through scope and objectives management techniques

         Plan and implement the project within the specified time, cost and quality constraints

         Understand leadership and its role in the development of project teams

         Gain greater skill in working in the role of project team leader

         Learn how to predict project trends, monitor project progress and report summarized project information to different levels of the organization

         Learn how to plan a project balancing the constraints of time, cost, scope and quality

         Use basic project management knowledge, skills and techniques

         Develop skill in leadership techniques of goal and objective setting, decision making, relationships and communication

         Understand the team skills necessary for a successful project leader

         Learn to utilize individual and team strengths to achieve project objectives

         Learn how to complete project cost estimation and financial evaluations

         Understand the role of stakeholders in a project and learn techniques of stakeholder management

         Learn to use various project scheduling techniques

         Determine and balance resource needs

         Develop techniques to deal with organizational change

         Develop communication and human interaction skills to develop successful project teams

         Establish appropriate strategies for identifying, controlling and responding to risks

Who Should attend?


The course is designed for anyone who is an acting or aspiring project professional, whether you are a coordinator, engineer, consultant or site administrator in any sector of industry and/or business, including the service industry.  The course is appropriate for those who have some project work experience and are responsible for managing any type of project or those who desire to learn project leadership skills to be able to better manage their work.  Persons who are members of current teams, business planners, technical professionals and engineers moving into project leadership and executives responsible for managing projects would find this seminar valuable.

Course Outline



Module 1 - Mastering the Project Environment:  Leadership Strategies


Day 1


Project Officer Leadership Skills in a Changing Culture

         Identification of project officer leadership skills

         Challenges project executives face in changing organizations

         Conditions that exist that require leadership

         The role of project team leadership in dynamic organizations

         Understanding the role of strategic management in leadership

         How leadership skills have changed with organizational change

 Day 2


Project Leadership in Organizational Excellence, Goal Setting and Decision Making

         The role that organization type plays in project management

         Developing a culture of organizational excellence in project management

         Learning to set good goals and objectives

         Learning the skill and techniques of managing project stakeholders

         Decision making and problem solving concepts for team leaders

         How to lead a team in decision making analysis

 Day 3


The Importance of Communication as a Project Management Professional

         Importance of project team leadership and communication methods

         Interpersonal communication is two-way

         Understanding of how interpersonal communication preferences differ

         Developing an active listening communication style

         Communication information distribution and presentation in project teams

         Communicating empowerment techniques in a project team


Day 4


Building Trusting Personal Relationships with Project Team Members

         Successful interpersonal interaction develops trust in teams

         Characteristics of interpersonal interaction

         Identification of the personal interaction style

         Individual strengths and challenges of each interaction style

         Team strengths and challenges in interpersonal interactions

         Understanding how teams work better using varied interaction types


Day 5


Project Management, Innovation and Human Change

         Understanding the benefits of innovation and improvement

         Leading personal change in our teams

         Understanding problems inherent with change in individuals and teams

         Avoiding critical change mistakes

         Preparing project team and individuals for change

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