Project Monitoring, Reporting & Control

Start Date: 5 Jul 2020
End Date: 9 Jul 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Frankfurt / Germany
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


Every year large numbers of projects significantly overrun their budgets and schedules, often with sizable increases in costs, or substantial financial losses to the organization. This is due mainly to the failure of many project managers to successfully apply the tools and techniques of modern project management to their projects.

This course will provide you with a proven set of methods, processes, tools and techniques to:

·         Develop an integrated scope, schedule and cost management plan

·         Measure, forecast and control project performance

·         Estimate and allocate costs and resources

·         Manage and mitigate risks associated with the project

·         Develop a recovery plan for budget and schedule overruns

·         Produce clear and concise project reports

Course Objective


·         Monitor schedule, cost and quality performance during project execution.

·         Use earned value to measure schedule and cost performance.

·         Learn the principles of scope management and change control.

·         Communicate project progress effectively.

·         Become familiar with the project control function of project software such as Microsoft Project.

Who Should attend?

Project managers and others responsible for the planning and implementation of projects.

This course is designed for project team leaders, project planning engineers and heads, and senior project control and business services professionals who have the responsibility for planning and controlling project schedules and costs in client and contracting companies.

Course Outline


·         Project integration management (review)

·         Project baseline development (review)

·         Team dynamics of project execution

·         Role of the project manager during project execution

·         Project change management

·         Contents of project progress report

·         Principles of earned value management

·         Cost performance index and variance

·         Schedule performance index and variance

·         Interpretation of earned value computation results

·         Cost estimation to project completion

·         Risk monitoring log and other essential logs

·         Project dashboard

·         Progress reporting charts

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