Design management for construction projects

Start Date: 5 Jul 2020
End Date: 9 Jul 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Cairo / Egypt
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description

 The objective of this seminar is to train people who can lead the design of construction project or a team member in the design team.  Therefore, most of the course deals with the construction projects design skills and the steps of design. Moreover, the relation between the design office, contractor and the owner will be studied deeply to obtain the proper benefit from the project. Basics of project management and leadership skills to ensure group effectiveness during studies, positive dynamics within teams and the effective use of information and to achieve the client requirement to obtain satisfaction.  Deal with different department in the project will be defined the problems and solution to get homogeneous team work to go toward success.

The total quality management through ISO 9000 will be applied on the stage design to provide us the rules and requirement for quality assurance. At the end of the course will have procedures and step must be follow to obtain the best management to our project and how to select your resources and make optimization to obtain the most  benefit from using the resources.

Course Objective


This short course is intended to overview modern procedures in providing a technique to managing the design stage in big projects which are different discipline working in the same time.

The target that attendees has the capability to manage the engineering design with professional project management system.


Who Should attend?

 This seminar is designed for engineers in any discipline who are work in construction, industry and government who are involved in construction design project. For project leader or team members in construction project design or owners.

Course Outline

 Day One

§         Concept of Project management

§         Total quality management in engineering firm

§         Specifications requirement

§         Preparing SOR

§         Preparing BOD

§         Specifications requirement

§         General specifications

§         Standards and codes


Day Two

§         Types of contract

§         Owner responsibility

§         Project manager responsibilities

§         Types of organizations

§         Selecting team members

§        Design team effectiveness

§        Cultural influences/ group dynamics

§        Enhancing individual effectiveness


 Day Three

§        Project life cycle

§        Feasibility study

§        Feed engineering

§        Detailed engineering

§        Project planning

§        Control projects phases


Day Four


§        Allocate resources and control the project

§        Prepare organization for work quality

§        Information and documents transfer

§        Design quality control

§        Review input and output for design


Day Five


§        Procedure of change design

§        Review and accept the design

§        Quality control documents

§        Auditing system

§        Internal auditing

§        External auditing

§        Auditing checklist

§        Cost and gain from quality assurance

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