The Resilient Project Manager: How to master risk!

Start Date: 16 Aug 2020
End Date: 20 Aug 2020
Duration: 5
Country: Barcelona / Spain
Category: Project & Contracting & Law


Do you work in an environment where your organisation or project is bombarded by a hail of unwelcome change? Have you found that despite your best plans, things rarely turn out as expected?

Increasingly our environment is becoming more interconnected, unpredictable and volatile, with the consequences of external events becoming more and more substantial. Small deviances, if left untreated, could cascade into full-blowncrisis. If you respond too late or inappropriately, you run the risk of incurring delays or even more serious and long-term damages to your project or business.

We can offer you a solution. Let us to take you on a journey which allows you to move beyond the concept of ‘Process’. Let’s address the question of how to prevent a crisis from happening. On this journey, you will be guided by key principles which allow you to:

·         Increase your awareness about the future

·         Become more adaptive

·         Deal effectively with situations of (potential) adversity

Such key principles will guide your thinking and ability to anticipate the inherently incomprehensible and to respond to such before a real crisis threatens your project or even your livelihood.


·         This programme is for anyone who:


o    Already has a basic understanding of project management tools and techniques

o    Want to shift away from being constrained by rules to using principles and frameworks in order to make the correct decisions

o    Realise that relying on old knowledge to solve a crisis can limit your effectiveness

o    Want to take a more practical approach to Risk Management

o    Want to embrace Uncertainty

o    No longer want to think like a technical manager but rather to use sound professional business judgement to make effective decisions


The Resilient Project Manager aims to equip you in avoidance of catastrophe within an environment where change and deviation from a plan has become the norm. Through the programme, you will become increasingly forward thinking, enabled to foresee ‘gathering storms’ which may cause damaging effects to your business and therefore be empowered to take the appropriate course of action in response. Within the safe environment of a classroom, with an opportunity to make mistakes without dire consequences, you will "discover” instead of just "being told.” You will engage in a simulation that stretches your skills and capabilities to anticipate and act upon adversity:

In the simulation, you are part of a Project Management team in charge of constructing a new stadium for Birmingham United FC.  Can you bring this high profile stadium to market on time and within budget?  Or will you drown in a sea of despair and frustration, maybe because your team of electricians went on strike, or worse you were hit by a violently freakish storm? The power to make or break this project lies with you!

Through this, you can explore and discover the answers that are "right” for you!  You will not only go away with an idea and understanding of behavioural risk management – Project Resilience – but also with the recognition to have competed in a sophisticated project environment, that allows you to reflect on your capabilities but yet makes you also aware about potential limitations to deal with the unexpected.


Day 1, we will gently refresh your mind about traditional, deterministic risk management. You will appreciate the process of risk management, but also criticise its adequacy to deal with ambiguity and true uncertainty. We will quickly move beyond process and focus on what really is important – behaviour.

Day 2 will encompass the introduction to key behaviour principles in managing adversity. We will explore whether you have an inclination to be mindful and resilient in your thinking. Yet, resilient thinking is best managed in a collective. We will elevate individual mindfulness to collective resilience and explore five key behavioural principles that may change the way of how you appreciate risk management.

Days 3 and 4 will test your team resilience to deal with adversity. You will manage the construction of a Stadium from the ‘cradle to the grave’. You will engage with a range of stakeholders with conflicting needs and wants and adversity will be at the centre of the project.

Day 5 we will reflect on your performance critically evaluate how Project Resilience can be established and maintained.

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