Negotiating Contracts Effectively

Start Date: 15 Dec 2019
End Date: 19 Dec 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

·         Recognize the importance of developing a solid Scope of Work and the implications of failing to do so.

·         Decide when to negotiate, as opposed to tendering.

·         Plan and conduct several contract-related negotiations.

·         Use communication and planning skills that will allow reaching a win-win outcome.

·         Successfully negotiate Contractual Claims and Change Orders.


This Program is designed for:

Program Outline:

Developing the Scope of Work

·         Must and Want Criteria

·         Assigning Weights

·         Avoiding Pitfalls through Internal and External Research

·         Evaluating Your Market

When to Negotiate and When to Tender

·         Know Your Company Policy and Practices

·         Evaluate the Situation

·         Justify Negotiation and/or Single Sourcing

The Secrets to Effective Negotiation:

·         Planning

·         Communication

·         Making and Accepting Concessions (Conditional)


Principled Negotiation (The Harvard Model)

·         Separate People from Problem

·         Focus on Interests, not Positions

·         Invent Options

·         Use Objective Criteria

Planning: The Key to Win-Win Negotiation

·         The Planning Form

·         Different Pricing Strategies

·         Bases of Power

·         Negotiating Terms and Conditions

·         Negotiating Prices

Negotiating Claims and Change Orders

·         Contingency Funds in the Contract Price

·         Evaluating Validity of a Claim

·         Determining Necessity of a Change Order

·         Authorizing Extra Funds

·         Time Extension

·         Change Rates

·         Standby Rates

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