Mechanical Installation Techniques, Testing, Handover, Operation and Maintenance

Start Date: 20 Jan 2019
End Date: 24 Jan 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of Mechanical installations techniques. Participants will have in-depth knowledge of HVAC, Elevators, Fire fighting and fire alarm systems, Pumps, Drainage system, Heating system , isolation materials inside the buildings, equipment selection, proper operation, trouble shooting through presentation of actual case studies.

Daily Outlines:

Fire fighting and Fire Alarm systems

• What is the fire fighting system

• Classification of occupancies

• Types of sprinkler systems

• Basic Design of Sprinkler systems

• How to design a project

• Sprinkler distribution inside the places

• Water network distribution & sizing

• Hydraulic calculation procedures and fire fighting program

• Training on how to use hydraulic calculation program

• Testing and Commissioning

Basics of HVAC Systems 

• What is Air-Conditioning?

• The Major processes of Air-Conditioning

• The Major applications of Air-Conditioning

• Selection of a system

• The Major HVAC system Types

• Heat transmission in building structures.

• Environmental Health and Indoor Air Quality

• Indoor air quality effects on comfort and health

• Equipment and design strategies for improving and maintaining acceptable indoor air quality

Cooling Towers

Secondary system components

• Duct and Pipe systems

• Fans and Pumps

Central Systems

• Major HVAC system types

• Application of a basic central system

• Selection of system components

• Heating exchangers and cooling coils

• Variable Refrigerant Volume system (VRV)

• Adsorption system 

All-Air systems

• Introduction to All-Air systems

• Single-duct, Single zone or Zoned reheat, Constant volume systems

• Variable Air Volume

• Dual duct system

• Three deck multi zone system

Computer Package Project Case study

Basic of Plumbing Systems

Classification of water networks and its components.

• Common Plumbing Processes

• Key Plumbing Principles

• Cold Water Supply

• Hot Water Supply

• Above Ground Discharge Systems

• Central Heating Systems

• Electricity 

• Design of Water networks.


• Types of pumps

• Pump performance

• Characteristic curves

• Fault diagnosis and trouble shooting

• Cavitations and NPSH. 

• Water hammer calculations

• Installation and operating problems

Maintenance plane preparation outline

• Field check list

• Hydraulic pressure test procedures 

• Flushing techniques

Case study

Maintenance of Elevators

Maintenance objectives

• Safety

• Performance

• Economy

• Inspection

• Wire Ropes

• Motors

• Doors

• Gears

Isolating Materials

• Thermal isolating materials

• Waterproof materials

• Magnetic isolation materials

• Electric isolation materials

• Vibration Damping materials

• Accosting Damping materials

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