Leadership, Critical Thinking and Innovation: Igniting Creativity for Workplace Excellence

Start Date: 13 Jan 2019
End Date: 17 Jan 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey


By applying creativity to the tasks and challenges you face in your work, you will begin to experience breakthroughs you never thought possible. You will feel sure you really are on the creative edge and be able to consider different sides of an issue while anticipating a broader range of possibilities. In this seminar you will discover how to build and expand your creative abilities.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

         Use effective communication to motivate creativity in your team

         Help your team find creative solutions to workplace challenges

         Come to better conclusions and decisions more often

         Recognise and encourage creative people

         Learn how to challenge assumptions and expand perceptions about situations



This seminar aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

         Build a culture that promotes innovation & creativity

         Become familiar with different styles of thinking and identify your personal preferences

         Develop creativity for transformational leadership

         Learn how to find out what you donít knowóand solve the real problem

         Challenge existing approaches to workplace issues

         Develop flexible creative and well motivated teams


Training Methodology

This programme uses self assessment questionnaires, models, practical exercises, case studies, presentations and group discussion to develop creative thinking and innovative decision making skills. The use of participantsí own real work situations adds reality and enhances transference of learning. This is a non-threatening environment which will allow participants to practice safely techniques they will then transfer to the workplace.


Organisational Impact

What does the organisation gain by sending their employees on this course?

Attending this seminar will enable participants to use simple but highly effective creative problem solving and decision making tools to better:

         Align their efforts to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

         build and develop their teamís working style and processes,

         Enhance their teamís commitment and achievement.

         Transfer the classroom learning directly to the workplace with immediate impact

         Create a climate of innovation amongst their teams

         Create ownership of complex problems and empower solutions


Personal Impact

As a participant, you will learn to:

         Consolidate the tools and techniques for thinking creatively,

         Make better decisions and for solving problems innovatively and successfully.

         Learn a process for ensuring that your team contribute effectively

         Enhance creative thinking in the workplace.

         Display the confidence to tackle complex issues courageously

         Employ a comprehensive toolkit of processes and techniques to ensure success in any situation.


Who Should Attend?

This seminar is designed for all leaders; supervisors, professionals and executives who are required to handle various issues and challenges. This course is also recommended for professionals who desire to enhance their creative abilities for better workplace performance.





Understanding your Creativity

         Creativity & your personality

         Understand and use personality styles as a management tool

         Creative flexibility to manage effectively

         Importance of perception

         Maximising our perceptual ability

         Creativity and the Holistic Model

         Creative people from the past

         Building a Creative Model



Generating Creativity

         Understand how creative thinking works

         Developing Openness to new ideas

         The Creative Mind: Whole Brain Thinking

         Distinguish stages of the creative process

         Recognise what makes excellent creative thinking

         Identify and understand the creativity in others

         Developing a Creative environment

         Consciousness and competence



Strategies for creative problem solving

         Problem solving strategies

         Getting in the right mindset

         Taking risks & looking for paradigm shifts

         Defining the Real Problem

         Recognising mental blocks to creativity

         Brainstorming for solutions

         Utilising the SLIP technique

         Utilising the drill down funnel



Encouraging a creative climate at work

         Releasing creativity at work

         Fostering creativity

         Incubating ideas

         Challenging assumptions

         Creativity for business breakthroughs

         Sharpen your creative thinking: Metaphors & Analogies

         Releasing Creativity through Coaching

         Sharing information for creative solutions



Leading on the creative edge

         Innovative leadership for excellent performance

         Convergent & Divergent Thinking Skills

         Developing creative potential in teams

         Understanding creative people

         Motivating creative individuals at work

         Interacting creatively

         Planning your Creative future

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