Strategy & Strategic Planning

Start Date: 21 Apr 2019
End Date: 25 Apr 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Moscow

Course Description


What is strategy? What is strategic management?

'A strategy is a cohesive entity of programmes, projects and policies that concentrate and fuse corporate resources to enable an organisation to gain and sustain its competitiveness and capabilities for self-renewal.'

'Strategic management is the planning and delivery of the programmes and projects by harnessing resources that, within a measured timespan and in accordance with agreed performance criteria, will enable an organisation to fulfil its business objectives.



Course Objective


*  To define and to demystify the concepts of ‘strategy’ and ‘strategic plans’, but also to demystify the strategic process - as part of ‘Helicopter Thinking’

* To break it down step-by-step, providing a toolkit for each key stage

* To illustrate it through some well chosen and highly stimulating case studies - and to distil the lessons from this

* To apply it to some of your own management issues - through planning the analysis, option generation, choice and implementation phases of strategy

* To put this within the overall context of the organisation and of the change and influencing process generally

* To give you a lot more confidence in managing your role strategically within your organisation


Organisational Impact

*  Much better decision-taking and time and resource allocation - leading to better organisational and individual performance

*  Use of a well proven planning process

*  More effective implementation

Personal Impact

*  Increasing career flexibility (vertically and horizontally)

*  Accelerated thinking speed and problem resolution for all difficult dilemmas

*  Far greater motivation and proactivity

Competencies Emphasised

*  ‘Helicopter’ (visionary) thinking

*  Creativity

*  Strategic influencing

*  Strategic leadership

*  Problem-solving

*  Prioritisation

*  Implementation

*  Change management

*  Imagining the future

*  Business analysis

*  Strategic team working

*  Strategic presentation skills


Who Should attend?


This seminar is designed for professionals from any industry who may find it hard to take a ‘bigger picture’ view of business issues - both within and outside of the strategic planning process. Typically you will have some experience of planning but present and future job challenges imply that you need to step up to a new level of competence in this area, or simply in strategic thinking generally.

Course Outline


Day 1: Strategic Thinking and Analysis

*  What is strategy/strategic planning?

*  What are the main conceptual frameworks?

*  External analysis - understanding and analyzing business attractiveness - ‘PEST’ factors, growth drivers, competitive forces, market dynamics

*  Benchmarking your own strategic position/competitor analysis

*  Mini-case on importance of external analysis

Day 2: Internal Analysis and Fusion of Analyses into Strategic Options

*  Overview of day one

*  Internal analysis: financial and non-financial – the balanced scorecard concept

*  Mini-case on importance of internal analysis

*  Fusion of analyses into strategic choices - SWOT and the strategy matrix

*  The framework of a strategy: avoiding 'paralysis by analysis'

Day 3: Scenarios and Strategic Innovation

*  Review of the tools used so far

*  Putting a strategic plan together – the 5-page framework

*  Strategies for alliances and joint venturesExercise on one’s own influencing skills

*  First-phase work on the main case study

Day 4: Global Strategy and the Management of Internal Communication

*  The essence of gobalisation and global strategy

*  How to build and manage a strategic planning team

*  Communicating strategy through the organization

*  Second-phase work on the main case study

Day 5: Strategic Implementation and Getting the Value Out of Strategy

*  Final-phase work on the main case study and group presentations

*  Effective execution - converting rigorous analysis and planning into action

*  Strategic planning of your own career

*  Summary of the corporate and individual value of strategic thinking

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