Compensation & Benefits Management

Start Date: 7 Jul 2019
End Date: 11 Jul 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Chicago / USA

Course Description


Understanding and being able to undertake effective job analysis and evaluation is an essential activity for the Human Resource professional, and a powerful tool for line managers to use. Together they form the basis of the requirements of a job role and determine the job's value or worth to the organisation, thereby ensuring appropriate remuneration is applied. You can then ensure that your positions are objectively evaluated and advise on the most appropriate structure for your organization.
This seminar is designed to provide participants with an understanding of different job analysis and evaluation methodologies and how job analysis and evaluation is used as the basis for designing pay and grade structures.

Course Objective


·Understand the basic principles and major elements of compensation

·Understand the various processes in compensation: Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Job Evaluation and Compensation Surveys

·Determine and explain what makes up a sound and effective compensation and benefits program

·Design a salary structure and related policies

·Design and carry out a compensation survey

·Design and carry out a compensation survey


Who Should attend?

Professionals working in the function who wish to acquire relevant knowledge and skills, and for those working in other areas of human resources who wish to broaden their understanding of this important function.

Course Outline


Managing Compensation – An Overview

·Compensation Objectives and Components

·Factors Affecting Compensation

·An Effective Compensation Management System

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

·Principle Approaches to Job Analysis

·Carrying Out a Job Analysis Interview

·The Need for Job Descriptions

Job Evaluation

·Job Evaluation Defined and Job Evaluation Methods

·The Hay System- An Overview

·Well known international System Explained

Compensation Structures

·Objectives of Compensation

·Regional Compensation Practice

·The Economic Factor in Compensation



·Types of Allowance



·Objectives of a Benefits Program

·Regional Practice – Types of Benefits

·Savings Schemes/Provident Funds

·Share Acquisition Schemes – Beware!

Introduction to Compensation Surveys

·Why We Do Them?

·The Six Steps in Carrying Out a Compensation Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

·Answers to Questions on Compensation and Benefits You Never Knew You Had

Breaking News

.Up to the Minute News on Trends in Compensation and Benefits as They Happen

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