Supervisory Management Skills

Start Date: 14 Jul 2019
End Date: 18 Jul 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur

Course Description


Supervision plays a vital role necessary to implement the owners' business objectives and achieve stability and growth. Supervisorís role helps the administration of business policies carried out by the senior management, their immediate staff, and everybody else who possesses authority delegated by people with supervisory responsibility.


Training Methodology 

The programme is carefully designed to address all styles of learning and to fully engage participants through the use of program materials, exercises, case study, and discussions of relevant organisational issues. Lectures and discussions are either preceded or followed by powerful individual or group exercises

Course Objective


This training course provides participants with the essential administrative tools and techniques for successful implementation of their supervision position.


In particular, at the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

         Understand their own organization and the business environment within which it operates

         Recognize their supervisory professional role and responsibilities as part of the management team

         Be familiar with the principles and processes of performance management

         Set up and measure SMART objectives and assess performance

         Effectively communicate with employees, peers, and managers

         Adopt a systemic approach to motivating staff under your control

         Be familiar with strategies for dealing with organizational change and development process

         Be familiar with problem solving and decision-making processes, methods and techniques, and associated risks

         Prepare an action plan to implement on return to work.

Who Should attend?


         Managers, Supervisors, First Line Managers, Team Leaders and anyone who will ever need to manage others, either socially or commercially.

         Anyone who does have to set up goals and objectives and measure performance of others

         Anyone who is involved in managing human resource issues in any organizational context.

Course Outline


Programme Outline

Module 1: The Role and Functions of the Supervisor

         Clarifying Responsibilities

         Definition of a Supervisor

         The Role of a Supervisor

         The Responsibilities of a Supervisor

Module 2: Managing for High Performance

         Performance Management

         Setting Expectations and Goals

         Giving Positive Feedback

         Handling Performance Problems Effectively

         Supervising with Flexibility.

Module 3: Communicating with Others Proactively

         Building Interdependent Relationships

         Communicating One-on-One with Employees

         Communicating with a Team

         Communicating Every Day with Others

         Communicating with Your Manager

Module 4: Coaching for Excellence

         The Changing Playing Field

         The Best and Worst Supervisors

         The Coaching Process

         Strategies for Effective Coaching

Module 5: Dealing with Change Positively

         A New Paradigm

         Organizational Change

         The Impact of Change

         Communicating Change Effectively

         Change-Management Skills

         Brainstorming Change Ideas

         Problem Solving Techniques

         Strategies for Managing Change

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