Leadership Fundamentals & Supervisory Skills

Start Date: 14 Jul 2019
End Date: 18 Jul 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Moscow

Course Description


Supervisors (as leaders) play a vital role necessary to implement an organizationís business objectives and achieve stability and growth. Leadership role helps the implementation of business policies established by the senior management, their immediate staff, and everybody else who possesses authority delegated by people with leadership responsibility. This workshop answers many questions concerning leading people such as: What is leadership? How does leadership differ from management? What should the role of a leader be? What are the traits of excellent leader? How should the behaviours and styles of a leader be? 


Training Methodology

The programme is carefully designed to address all styles of learning and to fully engage participants through the use of program materials, exercises, case study, and discussions of relevant organisational issues. Lectures and discussions are either preceded or followed by comprehensive individual and/or group exercises.

Course Objective


This training course provides participants with the essential tools and techniques for successful implementation of their supervisory, management / leadership position.

 In particular, at the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

         Recognize the leadership professional role and responsibilities

         Be familiar with and practise key leadership skills

         Apply leadership skills, tools and techniques to practical situations

         Prepare an action plan to implement on return to your work base.

Who Should attend?


          Managers, Supervisors, First Line Managers, Team Leaders and anyone who will ever need to manage others, either socially or commercially.

         Anyone who are responsible for the development and implementation of organizational policies, goals and strategies.

         Anyone who is involved in managing human resource and deal with their day-to-day issues in any organizational context


Course Outline



Part 1: The Role of a Leader Ė The TCM Leader

         Clarifying Your Priorities

         Leadership and Management

         Assessing Your Leadership Potential

         The Managerís / Leaderís Job

         The TCM Leader

         Thinking (Planning)

         Action Plan sheet 1 : Strategies for Practising Your Management-Leadership Role

Part 2: Communication

         Types and Advantages  of Communication

         Fact Finding Skills

         Barriers to Active Listening

         The Fact Finding Process

         Action Plan Sheet 2: Strategies for Practising Your Fact Finding Skills

Part 3: Motivation

         Motivation Drives and Motives

         Motivation-Hygiene Theory

         Job Satisfaction

         Motivating Your Team

         Dealing With Bad News Positively

         Action Plan Sheet 3: Strategies for Applying Your Motivation Skills to Your Life

Part 4: Leadership Styles

         Traits of Excellent Leader

         Leadership Styles

         Leadership Behaviour & Styles

         Leadership Style Preferences

         Contingent Leadership

         Action Plan Sheet 4: Strategies for Practising Your Leadership Styles

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