Job Evaluation Techniques

Start Date: 14 Jul 2019
End Date: 18 Jul 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Moscow

Course Description

Job Evaluation and effective grade and salary structure design is designed to provide participants with an understanding of different job evaluation methodologies and how job evaluation is used as the basis for designing pay and grade structures

Course Objective


·         Develop an appreciation of job evaluation and the different types of schemes available

·         Understand the various stages involved in a job evaluation project

·         Gain a practical insight of how to design a new pay structure

·         Learn from the experiences of other organizations


Who Should attend?


Those managers who have responsibility for influencing pay policy within their organization and want to understand more about job evaluation and what is involved in the design of pay and grading structures. This will include generalist line and HR managers as well as compensation and benefit specialists

Course Outline


An Overview of Job Evaluation

·         Understanding job evaluation – it’s history and development

·         The relationship with wider reward management planning

·         Different types of job evaluation systems

·         Selecting the most appropriate scheme

·         Implementing a job evaluation scheme – effective project management

The Job Evaluation Process

·         Selecting appropriate job "factors"

·         Designing appropriate job profile documentation

·         Selecting benchmark jobs

·         The role of the job analyst

·         The job analysis interview

·         Completing the job profile document

·         Evaluating the job and "points scoring"

·         Weighting of factors

·         Producing the rank order of evaluated posts

Designing a Job Grading Structure

·         Reviewing the relationship between evaluation points and salaries

·         Establishing the "best fit" between job groupings and evaluation points

·         Consideration of different types of structures – "spot rates", narrow bands, broad bands

·         Determining the number of job grade boundaries

·         Different grade structures for different employee groups

Establishing Salary Bands

·         Setting the differential between salary bands

·         Determining the salary band width and overlap

·         Managing salary progression

·         Controlling costs

·         Aligning with market rates

·         Dealing with "green" and "red" circle jobs

Implementation of New Arrangements

·         Options for implementation – full or staged

·         Communicating the results to post holders

·         Managing re-evaluations and appeals for re-grading

·         Putting in place arrangements for on-going maintenance

Review of success criteria

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