Achieving Total Quality in Management and Leadership

Start Date: 21 Jul 2019
End Date: 25 Jul 2019
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK

This Workshop offers an extensive training on Concepts of Total Quality Management TQM and its effects in Performance Management and Leadership including concepts and techniques. This workshop will provide the most comprehensive training on TQM and its impact on leadership and managerial effectiveness in Future organizations with practical suggestions for improving Management and leadership skills. It introduces The Nature of Leadership, The Nature of Managerial Work, Perspectives on Effective Leadership Behavior, Participative Leadership, Delegation, and Empowerment, Managerial Traits and Skills Theories of Effective Leadership, Leading Change in Organizations, Leadership in Teams and Decision Groups, Strategic Leadership by Top Executives and Developing Leadership Skills.

It also covers the Emotional Intelligence Concepts and Knowledge Management Impact on building an excellent Total Quality Organization for the 21st Century.


• What is Total Quality management

• What is Management

• Management Process

• The Organization of the 21st Century

• Managerial Grid Styles

• What is Leadership

• New Leadership Skills 

• Leadership Styles and Dimensions

• Charismatic Leadership

• Transforming Followers

• Leadership Performance and productivity

• Followers Building and Tasks

• Effective Communication

• Problem Solving and Decision Making

• Emotional Intelligence

• Creativity

• Innovation

• Multi-Cultural and Diversity

• Becoming Empathetic

• Globalization

Who should attend:

Top Leaders

Top Management

Human Resources Management

Daily Outlines:

Day One

ν What is Total Quality Management?

ν 21st Century new Organization Structure and Culture

ν The Management Process

ν Management Skills

ν Managerial Grid Styles

ν Leadership Dimensions

ν The Nature Of Leadership

ν Effective Leadership

ν Change Management

ν TQM and Performance Management 

ν Delegation and Empowerment 

ν TQM and Leadership 

Day Two

ν Management versus leadership

ν Leadership and Followers

ν Effective Communication

ν Leadership in Teams 

ν Leadership in Decision Groups

ν Leadership Styles

ν Charismatic Leadership

ν Developing Leadership Skills

ν Leadership in the 21st Century

Day Three

ν The Communication Process

ν Communication Strategy and TQM

ν Effective Communication

ν Problem Solving and Decision Making

ν Leadership Grid Styles

ν Empathetic Leadership

ν Creative Leadership

ν Innovative Leadership

Day Four

ν Leadership and Strategy

ν Strategic Thinking

ν Strategic Planning

ν Strategic Management Process

ν Environmental Scanning

ν Proactive Leadership

ν New Organizational Structure

ν New Organizational Behavior and Development

Day Five

ν Emotional Intelligence

ν Leadership Creativity and Innovation

ν Critical Thinking

ν Business Ethics

ν Multi Culture and Diversity

ν Globalization

ν The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

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