Excellence in Leadership and Management

Start Date: 15 Sep 2019
End Date: 19 Sep 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE

During the course we will consider what 'Leadership' means, and what the role of the Leader entails. We'll investigate what makes teams successful, and the Leader's role in the team's success. Leadership requires excellent communication, and we'll enhance our questioning, listening, and rapport-building skills, as well as investigating some guidelines for successful meetings.

We'll explore methods of developing and empowering people, through training, coaching, supporting and delegating. We'll discover how to inspire the best performance through recognition and reward, and adopt a supportive approach to correcting mistakes and disciplining people. During the course we'll learn how to prepare for and conduct Performance Review meetings, including content and strategy. We'll also discuss some Time Management and 'Survival tips' to maximise your effectiveness, as well as your enjoyment of the Leadership role.

Who should attend:

Delegates working in leadership roles who desire to enhance their leadership competencies and maximize effectiveness in current positions. 

This is an experientially-based dynamic process whereby delegates not only to know, but also learn to reflect on and to apply knowledge. 

Delegates will be comfortable practicing the new skills learnt in the program thus enhancing their overall competence, reflecting on their values and beliefs, sharing personal perspectives, listening to the views of others and thereby broadening their own perspectives

Daily Outlines:

The Foundations of Leadership and Teams

• What is leadership?

• The definition of a leader/follower

• Characteristics – features that distinguish effective leaders

• Leadership vs. Managing

• Investigate what 'Leadership' means in today's businesses, and how it differs from yesterday's concept of 'Management'.

• Gain insight into the indirect control, or influence, we have over colleagues and the results of the team.

• Consider the value of working in teams, and what a team needs in order to function successfully.

• Gain an understanding of 'Employee Empowerment', and the Leader's role in inspiring people to perform at their greatest potential.

• Communication and Meetings

• Investigate the types and frequency of meetings we should facilitate with individuals, and the team as a group, for effective Leadership.

• Understand that good communication is the cornerstone of effective Leadership.

• Enhance rapport-building, questioning, and listening skills to ensure open communication.

• Learn how to project approachability and authority via body language and speech techniques.

• Identify leader's behaviors which will increase team members' trust and respect for them.

• Adopt supportive yet assertive approaches to resolving conflicts within the team.

• Understand how to successfully facilitate meetings for effective outcomes.

Principles for Effective Goal Setting

• Investigate the importance of goal setting in generating results.

• Follow guidelines for the goal setting process to generate team members' commitment for achievement and success.

• Adopt an approach which helps keep people focused on their goals

Developing and Empowering People

• Consider the leader's role in skill transference, induction and training.

• Discuss what 'coaching' means, and techniques for successful coaching.

• Recognize the benefits of delegation for increasing productivity and developing the capabilities of team members.

• Discuss the principles of effective delegation.

Conducting Performance Review Meetings

• Understand the importance of measuring and monitoring performance, and providing formalized feedback to inspire enhanced performance.

• Adopt an approach for continual assessment, and 360 degree reviews, to make preparation for performance reviews unbiased and comprehensive.

• Explore a proven structure to the performance review meeting, with a step by step outline of content and strategy.

Time Management and Survival Tips

• Discuss lifestyle issues which impact on your success as a Leader.

• Explore techniques to minimize time wasted in the workplace.

• Adopt a mindset which enhances your results, as well as increasing your enjoyment of the Leadership role

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