Leaders Performance Optimizations - Good To Great To Awesome

Start Date: 21 Jan 2018
End Date: 25 Jan 2018
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK

This Workshop offers an extensive training on Performance Focused Leadership and Measurement Metrics including Key performance Indicators to maximize organizational Effectiveness. It explains what makes a leader, the practices and commitments of effective leadership, how to shape organizational excellence, which global competencies are critical to success today and how to gain personal mastery of your own leadership including Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Business Ethics and Multi Culture to improve Performance and Profitability.

• Recognize the characteristics of high-performing leaders and workgroups

• Encourage an environment that drives high performance

• Effectively drive and manage change

• Apply the principles of respectful communication

• Collaborate to solve complex problems

• Create a plan to eradicate the barriers to high performance in your business unit

• Partner with other workgroups to effect positive change in the company

• Surround yourself with people who have skills that complement your own

• Identify, replicate, and nurture high-performance behaviors and workgroups throughout the organization

• Develop a structured approach to preparing for and thinking more complexly about negotiations and everyday influence situations

• Develop a framework for avoiding individual decision traps and improving team decisions

• Lead more effectively and drive strategic direction by leveraging your strengths

Who should attend:

• Top Management

• Middle Management

• Newly appointed or experienced leaders who are expected to demonstrate core competencies, while being problem solvers, decision makers and results producers in a daily environment that features change, issues and ill - structured challenges. These leaders feel the need to equip themselves with techniques that can help achieve greater daily success. With limited resources and numerous exogenous variables affecting your ability to function at peak performance levels, you will benefit from the best leadership practices and performance leadership techniques that promote innovation, interdependence and proactive thinking.

Daily Outlines:

Day One

ν Organizations and Performance

ν Effectiveness of the New Organization Structure

ν Performance Focused Leadership

ν The Nature of Managerial Work

ν Effective Leadership

ν Leadership Dimensions

ν Change Management

ν Productive Performance 

ν Delegation and Empowerment 

Day Two

ν Strategic Management Process

ν Environmental Scanning

ν Strategic Thinking and Planning

ν Tools and Techniques for New Strategy Formulation

ν Leadership and Followers

ν Effective Communication

ν Leadership in Teams 

ν Leadership in Decision Groups

ν Leadership Styles

ν Charismatic Leadership

Day Three

ν Business Process

ν Performance Metrics

ν Key Performance Indicators

ν Quantitative Indicators

ν Practical Indicators

ν Directional Indicators

ν Actionable Indicators

ν Financial Indicators

Day Four

ν Kaizen Performance Leadership Techniques

ν Leadership and Strategy

ν Total Quality Management

ν Supply Chain Management

ν New Strategy Formulation

ν Strategy Implementation

ν Strategy Evaluation and Control

ν Proactive Leadership

Day Five

ν Knowledge Management and KPIs

ν Emotional Intelligence

ν Critical Thinking

ν Multi Culture 

ν Diversity

ν Globalization

ν The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

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