Communication Skills for Managers

Start Date: 28 Apr 2019
End Date: 2 May 2019
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Course Description


Self-mastery is not achieved by accident - it is a process that occurs as we interact effectively with the events and circumstances of our lives. Each moment of our lives provides an opportunity to practice self-mastery by expanding our visions, awakening the faculties of our minds and our hearts, and assuming full responsibility for living, growing, and contributing. 


As we master our own emotions, so we can enhance our ability to lead others, acting as a role model and someone others would truly wish to follow.  Through this programme you will learn a great deal about yourself how you think, how you perceive the world and how others perceive you, how you communicate and how you can enrich your communication skills - and through that process you will learn how to lead others with great skill.




Course Objective


         Develop the necessary skills to become better communicators.

         Analyze the basic principles underlying interpersonal communication and human behavior.

         Understand the verbal and non-verbal components of the human communication process.

         Identify personal listening styles and cite different approaches to improve listening skills.

         Apply effective ways to deal with conflict on the job.

         Learn how to give and receive criticism in a constructive manner



Who Should attend?

Employees, supervisors, managers, and others who wish to improve their communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with different people on and off the job.



Course Outline


         The Process of Human Communication

         Barriers to Communication

         Overcoming These Barriers

         Verbal and Non-verbal elements

         One-way Versus Two-way Communication

         The Importance of Listening

         The Personal Listening Profile

         Tips to Improve Active Listening Skills

         Dealing with Difficult People

         Ways to Cultivate and Improve Interpersonal Relationships

         Managing Conflict

         Resolving Conflict

         Constructive Criticism and Feedback

         How to Give Criticism

         How to Receive Criticism

         Assertive Communication

         Assertive Versus Passive

         Assertive Versus Aggressive

         Communication and Human Behavior

         Types of Influencing Behavior

         The Significance of Perception in Human Relationships

         The Process of Dealing with Differences

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